Runaway mother could face jail after ex-partner brings committal proceedings

A mum who went on the run with her three-year-old son could face jail after her ex-partner launched committal proceedings against her. Roger Williams began the proceedings after she defied two court orders concerning their son Ethan Williams.

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Man jailed over runaway mum could be prosecuted

Andrew Butt was freed after apologising for lying about his role in the disappearance of Becky Minnock Credit: ITV News

A man jailed for lying about his role in the disappearance of a mother and her son from Highbridge could face perjury charges.

Andrew Butt has been freed, after apologising for lying in court about the whereabouts of his partner's daughter, Rebecca Minnock and her three year old son Ethan. The judge at Bristol Crown Court told Mr Butt he had disgraced himself and could still be prosecuted.

Andrew Butt you have disgraced yourself publicly.

'You lied to the police. You lied twice in your evidence. You may face prosecution for perjury which, as I have explained, is a serious criminal offence.

You admit having told serious lies in evidence and I found to the criminal standard of proof that you told further lies under oath.

You belonged in jail for your behaviour and I have no doubt at all that the sentence that I imposed was richly deserved.

I accept that you have now expressed regret for your actions and have apologised.

I consider that the court has sufficiently marked its deprecation of your actions and that you should now be released.

I therefore accept that you should now be released from custody.

– Judge Stephen Wildblood QC

On leaving Bristol Crown Court, Mr Butt had this to say:

"I'm just glad that it's over. I'm glad that I'm out. I just want to put it behind us. Things happen in life".

Do you regret what you did?

"Yes to a certain extent, yes I do. I really do. Didn't think it was going to come to this but it has. But never mind, such is life".

– Andrew Butt

Meanwhile, the boy's father, Roger Williams, had until today (17 June) to decide whether or not he feels Rebecca Minnock should face contempt proceedings or not.

Ms Minnock will be told tomorrow (18 June) if she will face the charges - after breaking a court order and taking off with her son.

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