Councillor causes controversy with comments about women

A Cornwall Councillor has caused controversy after telling a meeting, 'if a lady says perhaps, she means yes'.

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Controversial councillor apologises for comments

A Cornwall Councillor has apologised after using a controversial saying about women during a council meeting.

Councillor John Dyer said to the Strategic Planning Committee meeting "I'm very fond of the old saying that if a lady says no, she means perhaps, if a lady says perhaps she means yes, but if a lady says yes she's no lady."

Councillor Dyer says he was expressing his frustration at one third of a 400 page planning agenda being dropped from discussions at the last minute, and didn't mean to cause offence.

I obviously regret and will apologise for making the comment but it was in the heat of the moment. I thought it was a lighthearted way of moving things on and I didn't expect it to cause this level of furore, but it has so for that I apologise.

– Councillor John Dyer

In a statement Cornwall Council said it may hold an investigation.

Councillor Dyer has been temporarily suspended from the planning committee.

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