Bristol City Council says there is 'no evidence' to review Uber licence

Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire/PA Images

Bristol City Council says it has "no evidence" for reviewing the licence for taxi service Uber in the city.

Transport for London has revoked the company's licence in the capital.

Bristol City Council says it is 'monitoring' the situation.

We will keep a close eye on the outcome and any legal challenge of TFL’s decision to not renew Uber’s licence. While we note the reasons TFL have given for not renewing Uber’s licence, both Uber and their drivers fully comply with all aspects of Bristol’s licensing policy. On that basis, there is no evidence to review their current licence, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

Uber and its drivers are treated no differently to any other licensed driver in the city. Bristol City Council is renowned to have one of the most stringent licence application processes for taxi drivers in the country. The council’s Fit and Proper Person Policy outlines the requirements needed for drivers to hold a licence including a robust convictions policy.

All new drivers are currently required to complete an enhanced DBS check, alongside Gold Standard training, DVLA licence check, medical check, and completion of the knowledge test. Only if these standards are met will a driver be granted a licence.

– Bristol City Council