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Northern Lights spotted over Dartmoor

Northern Lights are more usually seen near Iceland or Norway Credit: @PhilMorgan1987

It's a phenomenon more usually associated with the far north but the Northern Lights - or aurora borealis - could actually be seen from Dartmoor last night.

People often travel to Iceland or Norway to see the strange sights but Phil Morgan stayed firmly at home in the West Country. No need to cancel the cruise yet - his experience was marred by the famous West Country mist.

Science tells us that what looks like dancing lights are in fact electrically charged particles from the sun as they enter the earth's atmosphere.

Flash flooding hits the West Country

Flash flooding caused problems across the West Country last night.

Services were cancelled on the Great Western Railway between Par and Newquay in Cornwall and there were a series of incidents in Plymouth.

One of our viewers, Phil Morgan, sent in these pictures:

Dedication beyond the call of duty? A takeaway delivery cyclist braves the floods Credit: @PhilMorgan1987
Flooding at the appropriately named junction at Lake Road in Hooe Credit: @PhilMorgan1987
Making a splash in Plymouth Credit: @PhilMorgan1987
Lightning colours the sky during last night's storms in Plymouth Credit: @PhilMorgan1987
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