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Alex's Weather Blog: Pack for all occasions this Easter

Alex Beresford has some advice if you're in the South West this Easter.

If you're lucky enough to be jetting off to a sunnier climate then you can skip to the next article, however if you're on a stay-cation or holidaying in the South West of England over the next few days get ready to pack for all occasions as strong winds, rain, showers and sunshine are all in the forecast.

The main feature in the weather this week will be the wind which is set to peak this evening through to tomorrow blowing a gale, especially along western coastal areas where single gust speeds could hit 70 mph. Today's rain won't be lingering for long with winds this strong coming in from the west, although a splattering of showers will follow overnight.


Tomorrow a few showers are likely, but many areas will largely escape with a dry and fairly bright day, and if you can find a sheltered area out of the wind it won't be too bad a day when the sun comes out. On the coast however it'll feel much colder and the seas will be choppy.


If you're up early on Wednesday it'll be much like today. Dry and mostly sunny, however the same pattern will emerge. Cloud piling up and in off the Atlantic followed by rain spreading eastwards during the afternoon.

End of the week

Thursday and Friday will be largely cloudy with further outbreaks of rain or showers at times. The winds will ease, but it'll still be breezy, which in turn will make it feel fresher.

The Easter holiday weekend is still looking changeable, although this could change later in the week - so watch this space for the latest developments.


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