First World War 100th anniversary

The anniversary of 100 years since the start of the First World War is being marked across the west country.

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Ambitious sailor 'would have died' trying to sail to US

One of the crewmen who rescued a sailor three miles off the coast of Dorset has said he could have died. The man, who is from Bulgaria was trying to sail to America in a 12ft dinghy.

When we reached the gentleman he didn't want us there, he wanted to carry on his way. His boat was not properly rigged so he was just getting battered, he was at the mercy of the elements. He didn't have a life-jacket, just a buoyancy aid and the vessel didn't have any lights.

All he had on was a bag of personal belongings which were a few odds and ends, a bag of biscuits, beans and hot dogs and a bag with his passport in.

He was obviously suffering from the first signs of hypothermia. He was only wearing a pack-a-mac jacket and leggings. He was absolutely sodden.

I ended up cuddling him at the back of the boat to keep him warm. He would have died, he was severely sea sick, he had the first signs of hypothermia and his boat was filling up with water.

– Pete Dadds, RNLI lifeboat crewman



£200m Superyacht leaves Plymouth for new owner

The 'Alamshar' is thought to have cost a staggering £200m Credit: ITV News West Country

A new 200 million pound superyacht has left Plymouth after it was constructed at Devonport Dockyard. The "Alamshar" belongs to his Royal Highness, The Aga Khan who is the leader of the world's 20 million Ismaili Muslims. It's rumoured he flew in by helicopter to pick up his purchase.

New Bishop for Exeter Cathedral

The Right Reverend Robert Atwell becomes the city's 71st Bishop Credit: ITV News West Country

A new Bishop has been installed at Exeter Cathedral.

The Right Reverend Robert Atwell spent 10 years as a Benedictine Monk before serving as a priest.

He's the city's 71st Bishop.

A service was held at Exeter Cathedral to celebrate the new appointment.

A service took place at Exeter Cathedral to mark the event Credit: David Davies/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Families remember 22 killed in bombing raid

The raid took place 74 years ago Credit: ITV News West Country

Relatives came from across the country to this graveyard near Perranporth to remember the victims who died in a bombing raid seventy four years ago this month.

A new memorial now hangs in the local church Credit: ITV News West Country

Twenty two men died in the raid, nineteen of them were buried here.The graves have recently been renovated by a grant from the War Graves Commission."

The raid was carried out on Penhale Army Camp by a lone German bomber.

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