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Ukrainian teenager faces deportation from Cornwall

Iryna Mynich has been told she will be deported Credit: ITV News

The Home Office has written to a 14-year-old Ukrainian girl living in Cornwall to tell her she's being deported.

Teenager Iryna Mynich was brought to the UK by Terence and Heather Voysey after her mother was murdered.

But the Government says she must go back to live with her elderly and infirm grandmother.

The Voyseys are campaigning to keep her with them at their home in Bodmin.

Bad life will be there always but if I can just run away from all those problem that came and waiting for me in Urkraine - I don't know what will happen.

I'm happy that I'm here with these people with Heather and Terrance - I love them so much

– Iryna Mynich

Exeter researchers film rare 'Paddington' bear in Peru

Researchers film rare spectacled bear Credit: Exploration Sira

Researchers at the University of Exeter have confirmed a rare species of bear in Peru.

The children's character Paddington Bear is based on the vulnerable spectacled bear. Biologists placed secret cameras in the Sira Communal Reserve in Peru to capture the footage.

The team deployed 22 crowd funded camera traps in March 2015. The cameras stayed in place until last week when the team returned to the area to retrieve the results.

Researchers also filmed a critically endangered bird - the Sira Currasow. And documented 145 species of bird, 41 species of amphibian, 10 species of lizard and 7 species of snake, of which it is thought that two lizards and three frogs are new species, previously unknown to science.

Our new records of the Spectacled Bear highlight the Sira Communal Reserve as a stronghold for the species and demonstrates its importance at the national level.

We have fantastic videos of these charismatic bears – they were very playful with the camera traps, the footage shows them sniffing, licking and nosing the cameras.

This is much needed good news story for this threatened species; something we need to hear more of in conservation.

– Andrew Whitworth, researcher


Cornish charity says more aid is needed for refugees in Greece

Credit: ITV News

Cornwall-based charity ShelterBox continues to help with the migrant crisis in Greece.

Aid workers are on the island of Lesbos delivering tents to Syrian refugees, for many of whom Greece is a gateway to the rest of Europe.

Sam Hewett, who is part of the team on the island, told us more aid is needed.

A quiet day in terms of people arriving is about 1200 people. A busier day is 2,000, and it's predicted that it'll be up to 3,000 people per day arriving in Greece and on Lesbos for the next two months.

– Sam Hewett, Operation Co-ordinator, ShelterBox
Credit: ITV News

Cornish charity helps migrants in Greece

The Cornish charity Shelterbox is providing help to thousands of migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos. They've arrived from Turkey, although many began their journeys in Syria or Afghanistan.

A woman and a child at the Tepe Transit Camp Credit: Shelterbox
Abandoned lifejackets in Lesbos Credit: Shelterbox
Lesbos transit camp Credit: Shelterbox
Migrants board a bus for processing Credit: Shelterbox

"The situation on Lesbos is unlike most other humanitarian crises in that the population needing help is transitory, only staying for as long as it takes to get the necessary papers allowing onward travel."

– Rachel Harvey, Shelterbox

ShelterBox has had a team on Lesbos assessing needs and talking to local officials about how it can help. Now, later this week, a second team will return to oversee the distribution of 100 tents across the islands, with 70 of these allocated to Lesbos. Here they will be allocated to create a new site, and to ease pressures on the existing camps


Inquest due to begin into the deaths of three surfers

An inquest is due to begin into the deaths of three people at Mawgan Porth in October last year.

Kevin Reynolds died at Mawgan Porth in October last year Credit: Family

44-year-old Kevin Reynolds and his partner 42-year-old Rachel Dunn both from St Austell, and another man Stuart Calder from Leeds died after getting into difficulty in heavy surf.

Rachel Dunn died alongside her partner Kevin Reynolds Credit: Family
Stuart Calder, who also died, was from Leeds

Petition calls for resignation of Chief Constable

Petition calling for resignation of Chief Constable Credit: ITV News

A petition calling for the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Police to resign is being handed over to the Police and Crime Commissioner later today.There has been growing pressure for Nick Gargan to step iown after he was found guilty of eight misconduct charges last month. More than a thousand people have signed the petition.

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