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"Fantastic news, they all have exit visas"

The two Greenpeace activist and one journalist from Devon arrested in Russia over the boarding of an oil rig have been told they can come home.

Iain Rogers, Alex Harris, and Kieron Bryan heard they'd been granted an amnesty by the Russian Government last week.

They all had a Christmas meal in Jamie Oliver's restaurant in St Petersburg.

I'm hoping Iain's going to be back in the next few days, but don't know exactly when.

It's fantastic news - they all have exit visas.

– Sue Turner, mother of Iain Rogers

Devon 3 granted exit visas

The three people from Devon who've been in Russia since their arrest for attempting to raise a Greenpeace banner on board an oil rig in Murmansk have received their exit visas.

It means Iain Rogers, Alex Harris, and Kieron Bryan are technically now able to leave Russia.

The Russian Parliament has granted amnesty to the 28 activists and 2 journalists involved in the Arctic 30 incident.



Russia drops charges in all Arctic 30 'piracy' cases

Russia has dropped its charges against all 30 Greenpeace activists involved in protests against Arctic drilling, the environmental group said.

The men and women involved now hope to secure exit visas before leaving the country in the next few days.

Peter Willcox, American Captain of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, said: "This is the day we've been waiting for since our ship was boarded by armed commandos almost three months ago.

"I'm pleased and relieved the charges have been dropped, but we should not have been charged at all."

Devon protesters may not be home for Christmas

The three Greenpeace protesters from Devon are among 30 told they can't leave Russia Credit: Family

Greenpeace activists Alexandra Harris, Kieron Bryan and Iain Rogers, who are all from Devon, are unlikely to be home for Christmas.

The three are among 30 protesters, known as the Arctic 30, who were arrested and held in Russia during a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic. They have all been granted bail but are not allowed to leave the country.

The Russian authorities has written to a protester from Denmark indicating that she cannot leave and it is likely that this will apply to all the defenders.

Greenpeace says the decision by the Russian authorities defies the ruling of an international court

Hopes Greenpeace activists could be pardoned

There's growing speculation that the 30 Greenpeace activists being held in Russia may be allowed home for Christmas - and possibly even pardoned altogether.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day there and it's thought the Russian President Vladimir Putin may use it as an opportunity to free the protestors - which includes three from Devon - or grant them exit visas.

Film-maker Kieron Bryan and environmentalists, Alexandra Harris and Ian Rogers, are among the activists facing charges of hooliganism over a Greenpeace protest against Arctic oil drilling.

Ben Ayliffe from Greenpeace says they're hoping visas will be issued soon...


Devon 3: latest attempts to come home

Greenpeace has started to lodge applications seeking exit visas for the group of 30 activists and freelance journalists, which include three people from Devon, arrested during a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.

The group have had their passports returned to them after being freed on bail by courts in St Petersburg, but do not have visas to leave Russia.

Greenpeace activist, Alexandra Harris who's still in Russia after being freed on bail

British journalist held in Russia granted bail

Kieron Bryan, the British journalist who is being held in Russia for his part in a Greenpeace protest, has been granted bail.

Kieron Bryan in court Credit: REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk

The freelance photographer from Devon told the court he was "accused of hooliganism" when "doing his job as a reporter."

Earlier today, Greenpeace activist Alexandra Harris was the first of six British citizens held in Russia to be given bail.

Two freelance journalists and 28 activists were arrested two months ago after their ship was seized by Russian security authorities.

Silent protest held for Devon man detained in Russia

Half of the detained activists, including the ship's captain Peter Willcox, have been granted bail this week.


Russia applies to extend detention of Arctic 30

Russian authorities have announced that it will apply for a three-month extension to the detention of the Arctic 30, Greenpeace has said.

They are expected to make the applications in front of a judge at hearings next week.

Greenpeace activists had been protesting against Arctic oil drilling Credit: Greenpeace

Thirty people were arrested aboard the ship that was protesting against oil drilling and charged with piracy in September.

Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said: "We will fiercely resist this absurd attempt to keep those men and women in jail for a crime they did not commit.

"If the authorities succeed then we will appeal and ask for their release as soon as the court can schedule a hearing. This is a farce, it is an outrage that makes a joke of justice. It’s time for the Arctic 30 to come home.”

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