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Memorial for Cornish man killed saving wife in Tunisia

Stephen Mellor's wife Cheryl remains in hospital in Sousse.

A service is taking place today in memory of a man from Cornwall killed in the Tunisian beach attack.

59-year-old Stephen Mellor died trying to shield his wife Cheryl during the shooting on Friday. She was injured and remains in hospital in Sousse.

The service will be held at St Petroc's church in Bodmin at 7 this evening.

South Devon couple stranded in Tunisia

Jayne Bostock Tapper and her husband Paul in Tunisia Credit: Jayne Bostock Tapper

A couple from South Devon say they've been left stranded in Tunisia with no information from their tour operator about when they'll be able to fly home. Jayne Bostock Tapper and her husband Paul say they're among more than 200 British tourists at the Royal Kenz Hotel in Sousse.

Jayne and Paul, from Newton Abbot, were on the beach when the massacre occurred close by on Friday.

"We ran for our lives with the gunshots behind us. It was all so upsetting. I've been unable to sleep at night.

"All we want to do is come home. Thomson keep giving us times for updates, but nothing is happening. All the tourists from other countries have gone, it's just British tourists left"

– Jayne Bostock Tapper

ITV News has contacted Thomson for information about when the couple will be flown home. At time of publication, the company had yet to reply.


Cornish man feared dead in Tunisia massacre

A man from Bodmin is missing and feared dead following the massacre in Tunisia. Stephen Mellor, 59, was holidaying with his wife Cheryl. She suffered gunshot wounds and is recovering in hospital.

Mrs Mellor told the Sunday Mirror that her husband slumped motionless in front of her while trying to shield her from the killer. Full details here.

Holiday-maker tells of his horrifying ordeal in Tunisia

A Weymouth man has told of his horrifying experience in Tunisia where at least 37 people were killed in an armed attack.

Macauley Arnold and his girlfriend were staying in the holiday resort of Sousse when a gunman opened fire on the beach.

They were saved by a local Tunisian who hid several tourists in his home:


Plymouth Navy ship to aid migrant rescue

Plymouth-based HMS Bulwark is the Royal Navy's flagship.

The Plymouth Royal Navy ship that David Cameron has promised to send to the Mediterranean to aid the migrant rescue could be in the area within days.

HMS Bulwark is currently in Turkey for the Gallipoli centenary commemorations, and could be deployed to the Mediterranean from there. The search and rescue mission forms the main part of the UK's response to the refugee crisis.

Flybe confirms 'two crew' rule

The Exeter based airline Flybe has confirmed that it always has two members of the crew present in the cockpit at all times during a flight. Many airlines are reviewing their policy in the light of the tragedy in the French Alps.

Flybe observe the two crew rule Credit: Flybe

Cornish charity poised to aid cyclone victims

Vanuatu has been devastated by a tropical cyclone Credit: KRIS PARAS/AAP/Press Association Images

Conrwall-based disaster relief agency ShelterBox, which provides highly portable emergency shelter and equipment for families displaced by natural catastrophes, says it's poised to help victims of the tropical cyclone that's hit Vanuatu.

The archipelago of 82 islands about 1,000 miles north east of Australia has been battered by Cyclone Pam, a tropical storm with maximum wind speeds of 170mph. There are already reports of eight known deaths, but aid agencies on the scene expect numbers of fatalities to run into dozens.

ShelterBox, which is headquartered at Helston, says it has teams and equipment on standby in Australia and New Zealand, ready to respond once the islands' main airport is reopened.

"We have contacted the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Vanuatu government, colleague charity CARE International, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International.

"All are aware of ShelterBox's capability and willingness to respond to any unmet shelter needs generated by the cyclone. ShelterBox stands ready to act quickly to deliver prepositioned emergency materials that we have available in the region."

– Phil Duloy, Shelterbox
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