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Kidnapped twins fight off car thief with toy snake

Seven-year-old twin boys fought off a car thief after he tried to drive away with them and their baby sister in San Antonio, Texas.

Luis and Lucius Lozada were inside the family car parked outside their home when their mother went inside briefly to get a baby bottle.

A man jumped into the car and started driving it away, but one of the twins kicked the car thief from behind, while the other hit him with a toy snake.

The man released the three children about a mile from their home. So far no one has been arrested.


Kidnapped journalist 'really happy to walk freely'

One of the French journalists who was held hostage in Syria said he is "really happy" to be free.

Speaking from Turkey Didier Francois said: "We are very happy to be free. We thank the Turkish authorities because they really help us.

"It's very nice to see the sky, to be able to walk, to be a able to speak freely. I'm really happy."

Russia: Extra military on Ukraine border due to 'instability'

The extra Russian military forces near the border with Ukraine have been deployed there in response to instability in Ukraine, a Kremlin spokesman said. This marks a departure from previous comments which explained their presence as routine exercises.

"We ... have forces in the region of the Ukrainian border. Some of these forces are based there permanently, others are there to reinforce, against the backdrop of what is happening in Ukraine itself," Dmitry Peskov, spokesman to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Forgive me but, it (Ukraine) is a country where there has just been a military coup, so naturally any country is going to take particular precautionary measures in terms of ensuring its security."

He denied allegations the Russian military was interfering in events inside Ukraine territory.

First pictures emerge of freed French journalists

The first pictures have emerged of the four French journalists kidnapped in Syria last June.


Photo of the 4 French journalists released from captivity in #Syria. God that must have been a terrible experience


Jenan Moussa, a reporter based in Dubai, tweeted this picture of the journalists after they were found by Turkish soldiers.

S Korea coastguard finds 30th body from ferry disaster

The South Korean coastguard has found the 30th body from the ferry that sank three days ago, according to AP.


BREAKING: South Korean coast guard finds 30th body from ferry that sank 3 days ago

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Kidnapped French journalists found on Turkish border

Four French journalists were found by Turkish soldiers on the border with Syria after being kidnapped by the rebel group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria last June, Turkish media reported.

Journalists Nicolas Henin, Pierre Torres, Edouard Elias and Didier Francois were found in Sanliurfa province with their hands and eyes bound, Dogan News Agency said.

Search resumes for four missing guides on Everest

Sherpa climbers aided by helicopters resumed a search on Saturday for four missing guides after an ice avalanche swept the lower slopes of Mount Everest, killing at least 12 in the deadliest accident on the world's highest mountain.

Climbers declared a four-day halt to efforts to scale the 8,848-metre (29,029-ft) summit and, while some decided to abandon their mission, others said they would go ahead after talking to their Nepali guides.

Doctors expecting the arrival of the victims of a Mount Everest avalanche Credit: Reuters

The Himalayan Guides, a Nepali hiking group, said six of its sherpas had gone ahead of climbers they were accompanying in order to fix ropes and crack snow and ice to carve out a route, when they were caught in the avalanche and died.

"We have two helicopters stand by in the area and will start looking for those who are still missing. Many of them have already been rescued," Nepali Army spokesman Brig. Gen. Jagdish Chandra Pokharel told Reuters.

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