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US boy with airgun shot dead seconds after police arrive

US police have released footage that shows officers shooting dead a 12-year-old boy with a pellet gun in Cleveland, seconds after arriving at the scene.

A black and white surveillance video captures Tamir Rice walking around with and waving an airsoft pistol on Sunday, before he is shot by an officer responding to a 911 call.

The caller repeatedly told the emergency services that the boy's weapon was probably a fake, but this information was not passed to the officers.

Timothy Loehman, 26, who shot the boy, claims that he shouted at Tamir three times from the police car asking him to show his hands.

A red circle in one frame marks the point that shows Tamir moving his hand - apparently to signal the moment that police say the boy reached for the pellet gun.

Ferguson protesters outside US Embassy in London

Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the US Embassy in London to voice their disgust at a grand jury decision not to prosecute the police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager dead in the US.

Michael Brown was killed by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, who will now face no criminal charges.

Protesters had placards and chanted during the protest Credit: PA

More than 1,000 demonstrators chanted "jail racist cops" and "killer police off our streets", holding placards reading “Black lives matter”.

The aunt of Mark Duggan, the black teen shot and killed by police in London, sparking nationwide riots, was also there.

Demonstrators chanted and waved placards Credit: PA
Hundreds turned out to show 'solidarity with Ferguson' Credit: PA


Amsterdam drugs deaths 'linked to October fatality'

The deaths of two British men found in an Amsterdam hotel room after apparently snorting white heroin are believed to have been targeted by the same dealers who sold drugs to another Briton who died in the city last month, Dutch police said.

Police spokesman Rob van der Veen said investigators believe the men were targeted by the same street dealer, or ring of dealers, involved in the death of 22-year-old Joel McDevitt, from Burnley.

A number of other people have become ill after snorting the heroin.

We did a quick test to find out what kind of powder it was. It wasn't cocaine, it was an opiate - in this case, white heroin.

We took the sample to the Dutch forensic institute and they found out that the contents of this material is the same contents as other material that we already seized in other cases where people got sick.

– Police spokesman Rob van der Veen

Local authorities have advised tourists to avoid street pushers, and since October have distributed warning signs and flyers across the capital, warning that white heroin was being sold as cocaine.

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