Apply for Series 3!

You've been asking in your thousands. We've been replying 'soon'. You've continued to ask. We've continued to say 'soon'. It's been riveting stuff. But now, the time is here!

Yes, Ninja Warrior UK is coming back for a third series, and the chance to apply is now open! Fancy taking on the toughest course on television? Think you're fast enough, fit enough and focused enough? Then sign up!

Head over to and you'll find everything you need to put yourself on the road to Mount Midoriyama. But be warned: it's tough!

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Watch Owen McKenzie's course run

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a brand new Last Man Standing!

Owen "The Stuff" McKenzie is more than worthy of the title, given the epic journey he went on to get there. Watch again as he tears through the gruelling Final course, right up until that painful face-off with the Salmon Ladder...

Series 2: All the greatest fails!

Ninja Warrior UK is about commitment. It's about speed. It's about stamina. It's about focus. It's about being the greatest possible version of yourself, and applying that in a gruelling physical and mental challenge.

It's also about FALLING IN WATER. Yes, we know you guys love seeing all the bumps, fails and splashes, so here's a round-up of some of the best/worst bits from Series 2. Enjoy!

Let's hear it for the girls!

It was a shame not to see one of our female competitors make it to the Final this year, but that's not to say we didn't have some incredible athletes take on the course.

So hit play to see some of the greatest examples of Girl Power on display during Series 2 - and ladies, let's see one of you scale Mount Midoriyama next time, and put the men in their place!

The story of Ninja Warrior UK: Series 2

It's been a breathtaking, blinding and blistering eight weeks, but sadly, all good things come to an end. Following an astonishing Final which saw some jaw dropping surprises and a brand new Last Man Standing appointed, it's time to look back over an epic series.

Hit play for some of the most memorable moments from Ninja Warrior UK Series 2. And if that final quote stirs something in you, maybe you should be taking on the course yourself? Take our test to see if you're Ninja material...

Gallery: The epic Series 2 Final!

Hard to believe it's all over! It's been an incredible series of Ninja Warrior UK, topped off with a truly epic Final. So let's relive some of the greatest moments of the Final, along with some behind-the-scenes action, in our gallery...

Owen enjoys his moment

The near-impossible line-up of obstacles for the Final

Kane seems pretty pleased with his on-brand T-shirt

The Final: the lowdown from our Ninja expert

Another series of Ninja Warrior UK done and dusted, and we welcomed some incredible athletes. Yet we head into Series 3 still on the lookout for our first ever winner! So let's get the expert's opinion - our course-tester and Ninja boffin Ben Da Silva-Jones' latest column looks at just why the Final was so brutal...

A mixed bag…
Unfortunately, unlike the first series, no female contestant was able to scale the new, higher Warped Wall, or indeed make it to the Final this time. But we have seen over the Heats and the two semi-finals that there are some amazing competitors that certainly have the ability, and as their training becomes more focused we will no doubt see some very inspiring women athletes progressing in the future.

However, there was still some striking diversity amongst our 15 finalists…
- There is 11 years between Alex Middlecott (22) and Patrick Pretorius (33).
- A weight difference of 26kg between Chris Samson (66kg) and Ruel DaCosta (92kg)
- A height difference of seven inches between Kane Dick (5’8) and Junaid McClymont (6’3)
But who could have guessed the stat that perhaps illustrates the beauty of Ninja Warrior most? I don't think anyone would have called that there would be as many gas engineers (Corbin Mackin and Owen McKenzie) in the final as there are professional freerunners (Timothy Shieff and Toby Segar), not to mention a pastor, a wedding photographer and a househusband!

So let’s take a look at how they fared...