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Bradley Walsh on ITV3's new Crime Thriller Club series

Published: Wed 18 Sep 2013

What can viewers expect from ITV3’s new Crime Thriller Club series?
When people watch the show they will get informative and expert opinion on the latest crime thriller novels and programmes from writers like Lee Child, Kate Mosse and Harlan Coben plus in-studio chat with my regular partner in crime Mark Billingham. Plus sofa chat with Britain’s top acting talent and a criminal quiz with crime thriller aficionados.
This is the second time you’ve been involved with the Crime Thriller Awards. What was your highlight of last year’s awards and what are you looking forward to most this year?
The highlight was meeting {actor} Jim Carter who I have loved for many many years and I’m a huge fan of his work. Also seeing so many highbrow novelists in one room at a time and meeting my literary hero Anthony Horowitz. This year I’m most looking forward to the surprises of who wins the gongs and meeting more novelists. It is thrilling for me to meet someone like Lee Child. I will tell him that I was disappointed not to get the part of Jack Reacher as I’m at least 6ft taller than Tom Cruise.
What is your personal favourite crime TV series and why?
My favourite is Foyle’s War because I think Michael Kitchen is brilliant. He is wonderful actor and every young actor should watch him and learn. The setting and the writing is perfect. In fact, everything about the show is perfect.
Do you have a favourite crime thriller author or book, and why is that?
My favourite crime thriller of recent years, having been a fan of the original Sherlock Holmes books, was Anthony Horowitz’s new book The House of Silk which was commissioned by the Holmes estate. It is told brilliantly through the eyes of Dr John Watson and Horowitz’s writing is authentic to creator Arthur Conan Doyle.
You’re famous for playing DS Ronnie Brooks in Law & Order: UK, and the new Crime Thriller Club series goes on set with famous crime programmes. Can you give us an insight into what it’s really like behind the scenes on a top crime drama?
Yes indeed. It’s great fun and it’s also a genuine crime solving case for me. I never know the outcome of the show as I only read the first half of the script so that it keeps me guessing. The scripts are so good with so many twists and turns. When I first started I met with a lot of policemen and women to get the insight - it was a real eye-opener. They have a tough job and it often affects their personal lives. This is definitely true of my character. I enjoy playing him though. It’s so different from my life. Weirdly, I am the last of the original cast still standing. Maybe because I love the crime world so much. 
Ronnie Brooks
Whatever the reason, I still love the show and I’m delighted that I get to do it all over again later this year. I’m very lucky.