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Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Published: Thu 22 Jun 2017

Killer Women with Piers Morgan returns to ITV with five more of America’s most notorious female murderers. In this second series (5 x 60 min episodes), produced by Plum Pictures, we follow five cases in a quest to discover what drives a woman to kill. 
Killer Women with Piers Morgan sees Piers sit down to interview these convicted female murderers in the high security prisons they now call home. Coming face to face with the women behind these unspeakable crimes, Piers delves into each complex case to try and uncover the truth and gain insight into whether justice has been served. He meets the people whose lives have been touched or altered by the crimes hoping to shed light on the truth behind the shocking headlines. Piers speaks to the investigators and lawyers who worked to bring each of the killers to justice and those who believe in their innocence. In moving encounters, he meets family and friends to find out how their lives have been shaken by these shocking crimes.
In this first episode, Piers travels to Lowell Correctional Institution in Florida to meet Rebecca Fenton, found guilty for the murder of her husband Larry, who was found dead, in a pool of blood in their home. He’d been shot multiple times. Rebecca claims she had no reason to kill Larry but unless she can clear her name, she will remain in prison for the rest of her life.
In a remarkable encounter with Piers, Rebecca seems to have an answer for everything and in a fascinating game of cat-and-mouse, he has one crucial question: did Rebecca really gun down her husband at point blank range?
As he delves into the case, Piers discovers a compelling motive for murder: divorce would have meant the end of Rebecca’s extravagant lifestyle. If Larry died, Rebecca would become a rich woman. But, as the lead detective Kerri Spaulding, explains, despite the motive, all the evidence they had was circumstantial.
For several years, it seemed Rebecca was going to get away with murder.
In Clearwater, Florida, Piers meets Cold Case Detective Mike Hasty who began working on her case four years after the murder. Hasty explains he believed Rebecca was guilty, but he had to prove it. With the help of new investigative tools, he set out to bring justice to Larry’s family.
And in a final heartbreaking encounter, Piers meets Rebecca Fenton’s biological mother who gave up her daughter for adoption when she was a baby. For the first time, Karen admits she believes her daughter to be responsible for Larry’s murder.
Is Rebecca a “cold, calculating murderess” and “the best liar” Piers has ever met, or is she innocent and the victim of an appalling miscarriage of justice?