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Call The Cleaners

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    Mon 24 Jul 2017
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    Week 30 2017 : Sat 22 Jul - Fri 28 Jul
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Sisters Yvonne and Angela have been extreme cleaners for nearly two decades, and have worked on almost 6,000 jobs between them.
This time, they are in London tackling the dirtiest flat they have ever encountered on the job. An elderly lady had been struggling to cope in a one bedroom flat. When the girls go to investigate they find a scene of heart-breaking squalor, with damp and mould throughout the flat spread by a leaking pipe that hasn’t been fixed in years. The owner’s dog has left faeces all over the floor, the furniture is rotting and food has been discarded throughout. What’s more the bedroom has not been touched in 9 years.
When the girls enter they find everything covered in mould and cobwebs. The occupant hasn’t set foot in the room since the death of her husband. Yvonne and Angela have 5 days to turn the flat around so they elderly lady can come home.
Maxine set up her cleaning business 12 years ago and daughter Jasmine joined 2 years ago. 
They are an extreme cleaning duo who love the caring side of the profession. Today, they are in South London dealing with a hoarder who has 20 years’ worth of possessions cluttering his flat. Dirg has a job coordinating minicabs in the daytime but comes home to a house that is utterly chaotic.  Every room and every surface including the floor is covered in what Dirg has collected.  For the last two years he’s been forced to sleep on a makeshift bed on the bedroom floor. Maxine and Jasmine have just 3 days to get the flat in order, after which Dirg will return and see the transformation.
In Somerset, we meet Shaun and his team, extreme cleaners who specialise in full house clearances. Today, they are clearing a flat for a landlord. Only when they get inside do they see the full scale of the mess. The resident appears not to have thrown anything away in years and rotting household rubbish almost fills the rooms. It takes the team a full day of hard graft and a strong stomach to finish the job and leave it ready for the landlord to redecorate.