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Bear’s Mission with Anthony Joshua

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    Fri 27 Oct 2017
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 43 2017 : Sat 21 Oct - Fri 27 Oct
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Bear’s Mission with Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua’s epic fight with Wladimir Klitschko made him a global superstar. He defeated one of boxing’s greatest champions and became the unified world heavyweight champion. Not bad for a boy from Watford who first stepped into a boxing gym just 10 years ago. But does this city boy have what it takes outside of the ring and his comfort zone to survive two days in the wild with Bear Grylls?
In Bear’s Mission with Anthony Joshua they embark on a mission which requires AJ to use a whole different set of survival skills. He is stripped of the lifestyle he is used to at home in London and taken back to nature to reveal a side of himself that you’ve never seen before.
“I’m the king of my domain and right now I’m out of my comfort zone,” says AJ. “I hate bugs, I don’t like heights really. I’m used to being in the comfort of my living room, but I think let’s go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?”
AJ starts his journey dangling 50 feet below a helicopter, as Bear whisks him off to the notorious Commando Ridge in Cornwall - one of the UK’s most famous climbing faces and where the Royal Marines have trained since the Second World War. They climb up the exposed 70ft of granite rock, alpine traverses and sharp pinnacles.
At 17 stone of pure muscle it’s a tough journey for AJ. He admits that the highest he’s ever been before now is visiting an office building and the closest he’s come to the wild is opening his windows at home. At times it’s a tight squeeze for this man mountain as he makes his way through the rocks.
Next, Bear surprises AJ with a tricky descent - a major challenge for anyone nervous of heights – with a ‘death drop’ on all sides.
To teach AJ a valuable lesson Bear has left a sheep’s leg to rot for a few days. Covered in maggots and flies Bear tells him that they can eat the maggots and hack into the bone to get the marrow. The maggots offer a tiny snack for a boxer who normally wolfs down 5,000 calories a day. But they force some down and pack the sheep’s leg in AJ’s rucksack for later.
A 100ft rope crossing has been set up 200ft above the sea and AJ must get across using his balance and strength. During the Tyrolean traverse Bear tests AJ with a classic commando test for young marines.
As the pair grow closer, they build two hammocks in an old ruin which will be their home for the night. AJ treats Bear to a boxing lesson before they build a fire and cook the bone marrow from the sheep’s leg. But will Bear’s efforts live up to what AJ is used to – his mum’s home cooked meals?
Bear wants to know what spurred AJ onto greatness and quizzes him on his upbringing, brushes with the law, becoming a dad, his plans for his career and whether he really does still live with his mum in a two-bed flat.
After a night under the stars AJ has to face a 200ft abseil on his own.  Their adventure is nearly at an end. Bear lights a flare to attract a boat to collect them – but they will have to swim out to sea to meet it. Does the heavyweight champ have what it takes to go the distance and complete his mission with Bear?