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Video terms of use

Video terms of use
Here is an overview of our Video terms of use.  This agreement helps you share our video promo clips on your website, tv or radio broadcast channel and/or App in the right way.  We are bound by various terms ourselves, so please familiarise yourself with this agreement.  Please email if you need any further help.
ITV (the Licensor).
Your website, tv/radio channel and/or App. (the Licensee).
The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee the non-exclusive Rights in the Material throughout the Territory during the Licence Period for the sole purpose of publicity and promotion of the Programme, subject to The Schedule, Rights and General Terms and Conditions listed below. 
1. The Schedule:
Material:  Clip(s) - An extract from the Programme, must not exceed a total of two minutes in duration of the programme, unless agreed in writing by the ITV Press Office.
Licenced Media:  Licensee’s online website, tv and/or radio broadcast channel, and/or App.
Territory:  Clip(s) must be geo-blocked to UK audiences.
Licence Period:  Clip(s) can be viewed from the date of this agreement (which will be no longer than 30 days before the first broadcast transmission of the Programme) until 30 days after the first broadcast transmission of the Programme - on ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CITV and  after this time, the embed codes must be removed from your website and/or clips removed from broadcast archive and further use.
No commercial purpose: you must not: (i) place advertising or sponsorship in or around the Clip: (ii) charge any third party to access the Clip; (iii) use the Clip to secure advertising or sponsorship; or (iv) use the Clip for any other commercial purpose.
Credit:  The Licensee must credit the Programme name, channel, transmission time and date (if available) on Licensee’s broadcast tv/radio channel, website and/or App.
General:  When a digital video clip file (such as a .mov file) is supplied  to the Licensee by the Licensor for upload and streaming/broadcasting via the Licensee’s own website/tv or radio channel:
The Licensee must not allow third parties the option to download the clip(s) from the Licensee’s website and/or App, or provide embed codes or the option to share the streamed video clip(s) outside the Licensee’s  own website and/or App. The Licensee must disable the options to display embed codes and share the video from within the video player they use.
The Licensee must not re-edit the clip(s) or cut the play duration.
The Licensee must not wrap adverts directly around the clip(s). This refers to pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll play. Clips are provided free of usage fee on the grounds they are not directly monetised but used only for promotional / editorial purposes relating to preview / review of the programme.
The Licensee must not produce freeze frame digital stills from any part of the clip, other than for the purposes of clicking on it to activate the clip to play. 
The Licensee must not stream the video on a channel, website and/or App containing content deemed inappropriate (e.g pornography)
Where the clip(s) contain commercial music, the Licensee must clear the music separately as ITV’s current music licence blanket agreements only covers music use on ITV platforms and the right to supply the content to the Licensee. The Licensee will require their own music blanket licences to cover the use of the music in the Clip(s) on their own broadcast tv/radio channel, website and/or App.
See also General Terms and Conditions below.
Note: When the Licensor (ITV) shares clips containing music to third party websites via the method of providing third parties with embed codes at the end of the clip(s) play out on its own website and/or App, the Licensor’s current music blankets will cover this use - as the clip(s) are hosted or streamed via the Licensor’s own servers or platforms (such as and
2. Rights:
Inclusion of the Material solely on the Licensee’s tv/radio broadcast channel, website and/or App for the duration of the Licence Period and provided that such inclusion is solely for the purpose of publicity and promotion of the Programme and the Licensee shall not use the Material other than in accordance with the above Schedule purpose nor edit, reproduce, duplicate, release or otherwise exploit the material, whether commercially or otherwise, and shall destroy all copies of the Material, other than as incorporated within the Licensee’s tv/radio broadcast channel, website and/or App following expiry of the Rights and shall ensure no third party is able to access the Material outside the Licensed Media. 
3. General Terms and Conditions
The Licensee agrees that under no circumstances should any Material from the Licensor be used on any tv/radio broadcast channel, website and/or App relating to or associated with the Licensee, after the Licence Period has expired and that under no circumstances should the Licensor’s material be provided to any third parties.
Copyright in the Material and the Programme remains entirely with the Licensor and the Licensee acknowledges that it has only acquired those Rights licensed under this Agreement. 
4. The Licensee hereby undertakes:
(i)  to use the Material for purposes of publicity and promotion of the Programme only and the Material shall in no circumstances be used for any commercial use whatsoever;
(ii)  not to use or permit the use of any Material or any other content provided by the Licensor in a way which does not reflect a fair and true representation of the original context or in a manner which might be defamatory of any person or body or which is likely to bring the Licensor (and/or its associated companies) into disrepute;
(iii)  not to assign this Agreement to any third party nor will the Licensee release, transfer, license or otherwise exploit the Material or the Programme or any copy thereof to any third party without the Licensor’s prior written consent; 
(iv)  to indemnify and keep indemnified and hold harmless the Licensor against any and all actions, proceeding, claims, costs or damages whatsoever arising from the exhibition of the Licensee’s Programme/website  and/or App pursuant to this Agreement; 
(v)  to obtain and pay for all necessary consents, clearances and licences from any individuals, copyright owners, collecting societies and/or other any other organisations and rights’ holders as appropriate in respect of the Licensee’s use of the Material and to provide the Licensor, upon request, with valid copies of all such consents, clearances and licences. 
The Licensee agrees that failure to comply with any of the above terms and/or conditions shall cause the permission granted hereunder to terminate automatically and without prejudice to the Licensor’s rights and remedies against the Licensee in respect of any breach of any provision of this Agreement. 
Any amendment or alteration to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by an authorised signatory of both parties.
This agreement is governed by, and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.