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  • Doc Martin ep6 2013 (video)

    Wed 02 Oct 2013

    Bert is miserable about Jennifer leaving and Al tells him he should do something to get her to stay. Bert does he proposes!

  • Pat & Cabbage


    6 of 6

    Transmission: Thu 10 Oct 2013

    When Cabbage bumps into her ex-husband and his new partner, a dramatic dinner ensues. 

  • Doc Martin episode four 2013 (video)

    Tue 17 Sep 2013

    Louisa wants Martin to engage more with James.

  • Pat & Cabbage


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    Transmission: Thu 03 Oct 2013

    A relaxing weekend away is short lived when Cabbage and Pat’s families gate-crash.  

  • Fool Britannia with Dom Joly

    Thu 12 Sep 2013

    Award winning comedian Dom Joly is back and ready to fool the nation once more, in the successful entertainment series Fool Britannia. 

  • Pat & Cabbage


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    Transmission: Thu 19 Sep 2013

    When Cabbage and Pat go to a hen party, they discover Cabbage might be a grandmother.   

  • Pat & Cabbage


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    Transmission: Thu 26 Sep 2013

    Cabbage and Pat go to a butchery class, thinking it’s the ideal place to meet men. 

  • Pat & Cabbage


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    Transmission: Thu 12 Sep 2013

    Pat becomes addicted to an online game, while Cabbage causes havoc at Jack’s party. 

  • Pat & Cabbage


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    Transmission: Thu 05 Sep 2013

    Pat & Cabbage is a comedy about the ever-changing generation shifts in today’s modern world. Finding themselves single for the first time in decades, Pat (Barbara Flynn) and Cabbage (Cherie Lunghi) have finally acquired financial, familial and moral freedom and they’re exploiting it to the max.

  • Pat & Cabbage

    Wed 14 Aug 2013

    This Summer on ITV will see the arrival of Pat & Cabbage - a brand new comedy about two funny, smart, sixty-something women embracing life at a certain age.