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  • Downton Abbey 2014 S5

    Downton Abbey


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    Transmission: Sun 02 Nov 2014

    Rosamund arrives at Downton following Edith’s shock departure; will her secret finally be exposed to the family?

  • The Vampire Diaries

    The Vampire Diaries


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    Transmission: Tue 04 Nov 2014

    Get ready for more epic suspense, romance and thrills as hit series The Vampire Diaries returns to ITV2 for a sixth series in 2014.

  • ITV3 celebrates a decade of great drama

    Tue 21 Oct 2014

    ITV3 is celebrating its 10th birthday with a weekend of programming featuring episodes from some of the nation's favourite dramas on the channel. 

  • Lewis



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    Transmission: Fri 07 Nov 2014

    After a difficult start, the Lewis/Hathaway partnership seems to have achieved some semblance of normal. DS Maddox has become integral to the team, But the team’s abilities will be sorely tested when the team begin to investigate the brutal murder of an American classics student.

  • The Great Fire

    The Great Fire


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    Transmission: Thu 06 Nov 2014

    The story of humble baker Thomas Farriner and his fabled involvement in The Great Fire of London is coming to ITV this Autumn in new drama, The Great Fire. 

  • Grantchester



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    Transmission: Mon 03 Nov 2014

    James Norton plays the role of Sidney Chambers in new six-part drama Grantchester. Robson Green joins him as plain speaking, over-worked Police Inspector, Geordie Keating.




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    Transmission: Thu 06 Nov 2014

    Scorpion is a high-octane drama about eccentric genius Walter O'Brien and his team of brilliant misfits who are the last line of defence against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age.

  • Week 44 highlights 2014

    Thu 16 Oct 2014

    Here are the ITV Week 44 programme highlights (25 - 31 October 2014). Please note: These highlights relate only to a selection of programmes broadcasting across the ITV family of channels.

  • The Great Fire - The Set

    Tue 14 Oct 2014

    Behind the scenes interviews:  The Set.

  • The Great Fire - The Special Effects

    Tue 14 Oct 2014

    Behind the scenes interviews:  The Special Effects.