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  • Law & Order: UK


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    Transmission: Wed 09 Apr 2014

    Everyone is on edge after an apparent suicide begins to look more sinister and Ronnie’s terrorism alarm starts to ring. 

  • Lewis recommissioned - cast update

    Wed 19 Mar 2014

    ITV commissions a new series of Lewis starring Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox from ITV Studios.

  • Endeavour


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    Transmission: Sun 30 Mar 2014

    May 1966. DC Endeavour Morse returns to Oxford City Police after a four-month absence from duty.

  • Mr Selfridge. Preview - Sunday 23 March on ITV

    Tue 18 Mar 2014

    Agnes (Aisling Loftus) returns to the studio to do some more work and finds Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) packing his things to leave.

  • The Americans


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    Transmission: Sat 29 Mar 2014

    After receiving time-sensitive information, Philip and Elizabeth must infiltrate a military contractor’s facility in order to complete their deceased comrades’ mission and retrieve the specs for a top secret piece of equipment before it is shipped to a secure location.  

  • The Vampire Diaires


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    Transmission: Tue 01 Apr 2014

    As Damon's behaviour escalates from destructive to deadly, Stefan begins to regret their last conversation and decides to track Damon down and intervene.For reasons of her own, Elena volunteers to come along.

  • The Widower


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    Transmission: Mon 31 Mar 2014

    The Widower tells how, over a thirteen year period, a seemingly mild‐mannered male nurse, Malcolm Webster, played by Reece Shearsmith set about poisoning and murdering his first wife, attempting to do the same to his second wife and moving on to a further scheme to deceive his third fiancée.

  • Law & Order: UK


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    Transmission: Wed 02 Apr 2014

    Ben Bailey Smith joins Bradley Walsh in ITV's highly successful drama Law & Order: UK for series eight with dramatic storylines and an array of guest stars.

  • Endeavour (S2)

    Fri 14 Mar 2014

    Shaun Evans (The Take, The Last Weekend) returns in the lead role as young Morse, with Roger Allam (The Thick of It, Parade’s End) as his senior Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, in the second

  • Mr Selfridge. Preview - Sunday 16 March on ITV

    Tue 11 Mar 2014

    Henri goes to Victor to talk about his concern about Agnes but he only seems to rile him. Why is Henri interfering?