Aviva Premiership 2014/15: Fixtures and results

Can reigning champions Northampton win the Premiership again?

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September 2014

Round 1
Northampton 53-6 Gloucester
Sale 20-29 Bath
Saracens 34-28 Wasps
Leicester 36-17 Newcastle
London Irish 15-20 Harlequins
London Welsh 0-52 Exeter

Round 2
Harlequins 0-39 Saracens
Bath 53-26 London Welsh
Gloucester 34-27 Sale
Exeter 20-24 Leicester
Wasps 20-16 Northampton
Newcastle 18-20 London Irish

Round 3
Gloucester 22-25 Exeter
Sale 46-8 London Welsh
Harlequins 26-23 Wasps
London Irish 32-36 Saracens
Bath 45-0 Leicester
Newcastle 10-35 Northampton

Round 4
London Welsh 10-46 Gloucester
Leicester 19-22 London Irish
Saracens 40-19 Sale
Northampton 31-24 Bath
Exeter 36-13 Harlequins
Wasps 35-18 Newcastle

Bring him down! No-nonsense action from Gloucester vs Leicester last season.

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October 2014

Round 5
Bath 21-11 Saracens
Harlequins 52-0 London Welsh
London Irish 12-19 Northampton
Gloucester 33-16 Leicester
Sale 25-14 Wasps
Newcastle 29-24 Exeter

Round 6
Leicester v Harlequins 26-16
London Welsh 3-23 Newcastle
Exeter 44-24 London Irish
Saracens 28-21 Gloucester
Northampton 43-10 Sale
Wasps 29-22 Bath

November 2014

Round 7
Sat 15 Sale v London Irish 2pm, Bath v Newcastle 3pm, Gloucester v Harlequins 3pm, Leicester v Saracens 3pm, Northampton v Exeter 3pm
Sun 16 Wasps v London Welsh 2pm

Round 8
Fri 21 Newcastle v Gloucester 8pm
Sat 22 Exeter v Wasps 3pm, Harlequins v Sale 3pm, London Irish v Bath 3pm, Saracens v Northampton 3pm
Sun 23 London Welsh v Leicester 2.30pm

Round 9
Sat 29 Bath v Harlequins 3pm, Exeter v Saracens, Leicester v Wasps 3pm, London Irish v Gloucester 3pm
Sun 30 London Welsh v Northampton 2.30pm, Newcastle v Sale 3pm

December 2014

Round 10
Sat 20 Sale v Exeter 2pm, Gloucester v Bath 3pm, Harlequins v Newcastle 3pm, Northampton v Leicester 3pm, Saracens v London Welsh 3pm
Sun 21 Wasps v London Irish 2pm

Round 11
Fri 26 London Irish v London Welsh 3pm
Sat 27 Sale v Leicester 2pm Bath v Exeter 3pm, Gloucester v Wasps 3pm, Harlequins v Northampton 3pm, Newcastle v Saracens 3pm

Heavyweight hits when Bath took on Sale at the Rec.

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January 2015

Round 12
Sat 3 Exeter v Gloucester 3pm, Leicester v Bath 3pm, Northampton v Newcastle 3pm, Saracens v London Irish 3pm
Sun 4 Wasps v Sale 2pm, London Welsh v Harlequins 2.30pm

Round 13
Sat 10 Sale v Northampton 2pm, Bath v Wasps 3pm, Gloucester v Saracens 3pm, Harlequins v Leicester 3pm
Sun 11 London Irish v Exeter 3pm, Newcastle v London Welsh 3pm

February 2015

Round 14
Sat 14 Exeter v Newcastle 3pm, Leicester v Gloucester 3pm, Northampton v London Irish 3pm
Sun 15 Wasps v Harlequins 2pm, London Welsh v Sale 2.30pm, Saracens v Bath 3pm

Round 15
Fri 20 Newcastle v Wasps 8pm
Sat 21 Sale v Saracens 2pm, Bath v Northampton 3pm, Gloucester v London Welsh 3pm, Harlequins v Exeter 3pm, London Irish v Leicester 3pm

Round 16
Sat 28 London Welsh v London Irish 2.30pm, Exeter v Bath 3pm, Leicester v Sale 3pm, Northampton v Harlequins 3pm, Saracens v Newcastle 3pm
Sun 1 March Wasps v Gloucester 2pm

March 2015

Round 17
Sat 7 Bath v Sale 3pm, Exeter v London Welsh 3pm, Gloucester v Northampton 3pm, Harlequins v London Irish 3pm
Sun 8 Wasps v Saracens 2pm, Newcastle v Leicester 3pm

Round 18
Sat 28 Sale v Gloucester 2pm, Leicester v Exeter 3pm, London Irish v Newcastle 3pm, Northampton v Wasps 3pm, Saracens v Harlequins 3pm
Sun 29 London Welsh v Bath 2.30pm

Busting a gut to reach the try-line.

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April 2015

Round 19
Sat 11 Exeter v Northampton 3pm, Harlequins v Gloucester 3pm, Saracens v Leicester 3pm
Sun 12 London Welsh v Wasps 2.30pm, London Irish v Sale 3pm, Newcastle v Bath 3pm

Round 20
Sat 25 Sale v Harlequins 2pm, Bath v London Irish 3pm, Gloucester v Newcastle 3pm, Leicester v London Welsh 3pm, Northampton v Saracens 3pm
Sun 26 Wasps v Exeter 2pm

May 2015

Round 21
Sat 9 Sale v Newcastle 2pm, Gloucester v London Irish 3pm, Harlequins v Bath 3pm, Northampton v London Welsh 3pm, Saracens v Exeter 3pm
Sun 10 Wasps v Leicester 2pm

Round 22
Sat 16 Bath v Gloucester, Exeter v Sale, Leicester v Northampton, London Irish v Wasps, London Welsh v Saracens, Newcastle v Harlequins

Sat 23 Semi-finals

Sat 30 Final