Top 10 memorable moments from Show Six!

BOOM BOOM SHAKE SHAKE THE ROOM! Show Six was gone in a flash and we're speeding towards the final show of the series (sob)!

But don't worry, there's still PLENTY of time to enjoy the epicness of Saturday Night Takeaway before we have to say a fond farewell to Ant and Dec - here are the top most memorable moments from Show Six. Enjoy!

Clare Balding did a sporting job as the guest announcer for the night!

Behind da scenes at the rap battle

You've seen the epic End Of The Show Show rap battle between Professor G and Ant and Dec, now find out if it was a case of just picking up the mic and freestyling, or if a little bit of practice went into the performance. What do you think?

Here's all the bits you didn't see on TV in our exclusive behind the scenes vid...

It's officially British Summer Time - CELEBRATE!

Okay, so we're not exactly basking in warm rays yet, but SUMMER TIME IS HERE! It's official, so if you didn't already know this, put your clocks forward right now. You don't want to miss your favourite show, do you? (Actually, it was on last night so you should be fine).

Not sure how to celebrate all this glorious extra daylight you're going to be getting? Let Saturday Night Takeaway inspire you...

Take a stroll in the park. Legs a bit wobbly after winter hibernation? Get a piggyback.

Take a dip in your nearest outdoor pool. Still a bit nippy? Leave your slippers on.

Week six... End Of The Show Quiz

You know the drill by now! Test your knowledge of what happened in the jam-packed sixth show of the current series of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway by having a go at our tricky quiz...

Remember, it's the taking part that counts but you really should pay more attention next week if you totally flunk it...