It's our brand new TV ad!

You've seen the first look pictures, but now you can watch all the action-packed drama in full as Ant and Dec go up against Winter Blues in our brand new TV advert.

Can the boys triumph over Winter Blues and secure their return to our TV screens on Saturday nights? Brace yourselves for a true comic book style battle... KAPOW! BOOM! BAM!

We'll be back very soon, don't you worry. In the meantime though, remind yourselves of all this good stuff - our best bits from last series.

See Ant and Dec prank David Dickinson

Watch Ant and Dec join Diversity

Takeaway Leftovers: The end!

And now, the end is here, and so we face the final curtain... That's right it's a wrap from Team Takeaway for another series but what a way to bow out (if we do say so ourselves)! So for the last time, get a load of our rundown of Saturday night's capers in pictures...

Hugh Bonneville was 'too sexy for this show' as our very well-to-do guest announcer

How Ant and Dec became ukelele masters...

Did Ant and Dec leave you super impressed with their skills on the ukulele, alongside Robbie Williams and the incredible Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

Yes, they successfully plucked their way through a number of songs live on stage, but here's an exclusive look into how it all came together!

Watch as we go behind the scenes of the End of the Show Show...

Sing along to the final End of the Show Show of the series!