Ant Versus Dec

Ant v Dec: The Floor Is Lava

YES! It's the first Ant v Dec of the series! To celebrate we're going way back in time to when the dinosaurs were around and the floor wasn't even solid yet. In this Jurassic race, are you team Ant-o-saurus or Dec-o-saurus?

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Ant vs Dec: The Cube

It's still all to play for in the dramatic finale of Ant vs Dec! The games may be simple, but when played inside a cube, on board a cruise ship, with the nation watching their every move, things get a bit more complicated.

Just three games stand between the boys and gloating rights. Do they have what it takes to beat the cube? Hit play and see how they got on.

See how much you can remember in the great big quiz of the series!

Catch up on all the Ant vs Dec from this series!

  • 2016
  • Ant Versus Dec
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Ant vs Dec: Fame-ily Fortunes!

We asked 100 people if they thought Ant or Dec would reign victorious in this week's Ant vs Dec, and our survey said...

Ant & Dec are teaming up with Eddie The Eagle star Hugh Jackman, Get Out Of Me Ear! stars Abbey and Pete, our very own Ashley Roberts and online superstars Marcus and Alfie in the ultimate game of Fame-ily Fortunes, hosted by the man, the legend, the gameshow SUPREMO himself, Stephen Mulhern! Watch above and see who bags the top answers!

Watch Abbey and Peter pull the ultimate prank in Get Out Of Me Ear

See Hugh Jackman take on the Read My Lips challenge

  • 2016
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Ant vs Dec: Prepare for Pacman!

WAHEY! It's the first Ant vs Dec of the series! And to mark such a momentous occasion, we're going back to a time when life was even more of a virtual maze. It's Pacman time!

Grab your popcorn and get ready for a blast from the past! The question is, are you Team Ant or Team Dec?

  • 2016
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Ant vs Dec: Do you have what it takes?

Will you reign supreme?

You've watched the boys face jaw-dropping heights, battle it out under intense pressure and try their luck at any weird and wonderful challenge that came their way. But do YOU have what it takes to take on an Ant Vs Dec challenge?

It's time to see what you're made of. Will you reign victorious or flop like a disappointing pancake? Have a go at our super scientific quiz and find out...

  • 2016
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