End Of The Show Show

It's one BIG End Of The Show Show!

What do you get when you flood the Takeaway stage with loads of dancers, a pantomime horse, squealing pigs, a clown, Ant and Dec and one mega boyband? An incredible End Of The Show Show, of course!

When Ant and Dec told The Vamps to go big, they certainly went big! Hit that play button and lap it all up!

  • 2016
  • End Of The Show Show

End Of The Show Show: A little help from our friends

Grab a hanky, it’s the end of the End Of The Show Shows! For now anyway. Naturally, Ant and Dec aren’t going to let this moment pass quietly. They’ve roped in a little help from their showbiz friends for a final singalong.

What would you think if someone sang out of tune? We’re sure you’ll love it anyway.

Join in from home and check off all the famous faces you see… Did you spot The Littles, Ashley Roberts, Anne Hegerty, Lou Bega, Jonathan Ross, Stephen Mulhern, Antony Cotton, Olivia Colman, Professor Green, Clare Balding and Jeremy Kyle (and Beefy)?

Behind da scenes at the rap battle

You've seen the epic End Of The Show Show rap battle between Professor G and Ant and Dec, now find out if it was a case of just picking up the mic and freestyling, or if a little bit of practice went into the performance. What do you think?

Here's all the bits you didn't see on TV in our exclusive behind the scenes vid...

End Of The Show Show: Time to tango!

It takes more than two to tango - especially if the two in question have to learn the moves from scratch! Introducing dance maestros Vincent and Flavia, who are here to keep Ant and Dec on their toes. Literally.

Go on, embrace the Argentinian spirit with our Latin flavoured End Of The Show Show...

Get an EXCLUSIVE peek at Ant and Dec's rehearsals for the End Of The Show Show

Why is Ant in a bath full of beans?

The truth behind the End Of The Show Show magic

You may be surprised to find out that the The End Of The Show Show isn't just magicked together every Saturday night - not even when that's the theme!

Watch as we take you behind the scenes during rehearsals, when Ant and Dec are put through their paces and all those magical moments are made - all to ensure a smooth and sensational End Of The Show Show!

Will it reveal any secrets?! Let's find out...

Go behind the scenes with Ant and Dec's big brass band

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End Of The Show Show: It's magic!

Abracadabra, alakazam.... Don't wave that magic wand (remote) yet - it's the very magical End Of The Show Show so keep watching!

Watch above as Ant and Dec are joined by Britain's Got Talent star Darcy Oake, but can the threesome use their magical powers to make Jeremy Kyle disappear?

Like what you see? Get tickets for Darcy Oake's upcoming UK tour

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End Of The Show Show: Simon Callow and the tongue twister

If you thought just saying 'Saturday Night Takeaway's End Of The Show Show' was enough of a tongue-twister, check this out!

Ant and Dec join Shakespearean actor Simon Callow, who transports our Geordie duo back in time to the Elizabethan era in an attempt to crack our tongue-twisting riddle. There's no sign of a pickled pepper, but one of our guys is in a frock and the other is a... butcher, obviously.

Hmmm, let's see if 'tongue' is on the menu...

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