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Behind the scenes: This is REAL rock 'n' roll!

Remember the greatest rock-off Saturday Night Takeaway has ever seen? Oh yes, McBusted taking on the newly formed McDonnelly (aka our very own Ant and Dec, obviously!) for an explosive singing stage fight.

But how did our guys prepare for their End Of The Show Show guitar-fest? Watch our exclusive behind the scenes video as we caught up with our rock stars in rehearsals...

Watch McDonnelly v McBusted v Status Quo!

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How Ant and Dec became ukelele masters...

Did Ant and Dec leave you super impressed with their skills on the ukulele, alongside Robbie Williams and the incredible Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

Yes, they successfully plucked their way through a number of songs live on stage, but here's an exclusive look into how it all came together!

Watch as we go behind the scenes of the End Of The Show Show...

Sing along to the final End of the Show Show of the series!

Don't drop your drumsticks! It's the End Of The Show Show rehearsals

Basel's finest drum corps Top Secret were the stars of this week's End Of The Show Show and Ant and Dec have had weeks of training in order to keep up!

After throwing drumsticks at each other for a while there was fire and timing was crucial when it came down to the final performance with the pros.

Watch the full End Of The Show Show here

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