The great big quiz of last year!

Call yourself a Saturday Night Takeaway superfan? Think you know your Singalongs from your Get Out Me Ears? Your Little Ant and Dec from your pesky pranks?

Put those brain cells to the test and see how much you really remember about the last series. It's a particularly tough one. Can you get 100%?

8 reasons why Saturday Night Takeaway will be the BEST thing about Saturday

Saturday night is quite possibly the happiest night of the week. Apart from that glorious moment on Friday when you realise work is over and you walk out of the office like a superstar, that's also pretty special...

But things are set to become a whole lot glitzier, a whole lot more jaw-dropping, and a whole lot more Geordie! Best get the local curry house on speed dial, here's why your Saturday Night Takeaway will be the BEST thing about Saturdays...

1. It's intellectually stimulating

Because Saturday isn't JUST about sitting in your PJs and ordering an extra large pizza with all the toppings. You'll be doing all of that while stimulating those brain cells with quick-fire challenges and Singalong spectaculars. A workout for the brain without lifting a finger.

Remember this?! 2015 in pictures...

Ahhh memories! There were more than a few fab ones made during our 2015 series of Saturday Night Takeaway, that's for sure!

From Dec in a dress to Olly Murs' gunge-tastic experience at Madame Tussauds, here's a selection of moments that stick in our minds (for a variety of reasons!). Have a look below and see if your faves have been included...

PJ and Duncan proved they can still shake shake the room with an End Of The Show Show that went with a TICK TICK TICK BOOM!

We dusted off this old prop and put him to good use throughout the final show!

The Saturday Night Takeaway Awards!

Yes, you may be crying into your takeaway leftovers right now because the series is over, but wipe away those tears and remember the good times - it's time to vote for your favourite part of the series in the Saturday Night Takeaway Awards!

We've got four categories for you to vote in so have a scroll down and let us know the moments that had you crying with laughter via each 'submit' button...

End Of The Show Quiz - THE VERY END!


It's been a CRAZY seven weeks so you'd definitely be forgiven for forgetting a little bit of the non-stop Saturday Night Takeaway action, but hopefully you've still got quite a bit banked away - the jokes don't get old.

See how much you can remember...

Little Ant and Dec's top moments of the series

They might be little but we've got BIG love for them. We are, of course, talking about the pint-sized versions of Ant and Dec.

Whether they've been off interviewing international superstars or causing mayhem in the studio, they always do it with perfect charm, making us go 'awwwwwwwww'.

Here are just a few of our fave lil moments from the series...

1. Who could forget Big Star's Little Star sausage-gate? Brilliant.

2. Supercomputer takeover! In the first show of the series, the boys emerged from the inner workings of our mechanical master.

3. Oh hello there! The boys got a bit posh with the Earl of Grantham (aka Hugh Bonnerville) but only after they kicked a football through one of Downton Abbey's window. Oops.

Ant and Dec and Me!

We knew you loved Saturday Night Takeaway, and we asked you to prove it during our 2015 series! You didn't disappoint...

Here's a selection of your selfies with Ant and Dec on the TV in the background - these are your #AntandDecandMe pics!