Butterfly Cakes for Mum

As Little Ant and Dec head out in the field, they’re on the lookout for gifts for their mums as Mother’s Day approaches on the 30th March.

With no luck on the farm for gifts, the boys head to make a mess in the kitchen as Richard the chef shares a yummy recipe for Butterfly Cakes, perfect for mum.

Makes 10 cupcakes


Delicious Pancakes

In the first of Little Ant and Dec's trip to the Morrisons Farm at Dumfries House; Farmer Andrew tries to keep tabs on the boys whilst Richard the chef shares a simple and delicious recipe for pancakes ahead of Shrove Tuesday on March 4.

Makes 12


Feast your eyes on this

Little Ant and Dec are back in the Morrisons kitchen cooking up a storm, but this time they want to know a little more about where their food comes from.

Join us over the next few weeks as our little rascals visit the Morrisons farm and learn to cook some tasty treats for all your family.