How we got in to Peter Andre's ear

Over the years Ant and Dec have been putting Peter Andre through hell, what with Bushtucker Trials in the jungle and their Undercover stunt back in the 90s… yet Pete is back once again, being put through his paces in another epic Get Out of Me Ear stunt!

We go behind the scenes on the shoot to find out how Pete really feels being at the mercy of the Geordie duo.

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‘Mysterious Boys’ In Your Ear

Peter Andre is on the lookout for a house sitter - but Ant and Dec have a few surprises in store for both Peter and the interviewees…

The candidates are given some very strict house rules (no booze, and celebs are the only guests allowed), but what will they make of Pete’s fetish for Scottish men and his ‘inspiration cupboard’ in the latest installment of I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear?

So, in the words of Peter Andre "Cheers to me! And cheers to us!"

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Why's Peter playing the tuba?

They've had Christine Bleakley chanting, and Ruth and Eamonn twerking - but now Ant and Dec have got Peter Andre singing Mysterious Girl into a tuba?!

Have a little watch of our teaser for this weekend's I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear above - and prepare to be entertained!

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I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear: Louis Walsh

Get ready for your sides to split all over again, with this highlights clip of Louis Walsh's I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear!

Re-live the hilarious antics as Ant and Dec take control of King Louis as he shows a variety of unsuspecting painters and decorators around his house.

And the banana phone action didn't stop there - even Dannii Minogue got involved with this tweet:

Behind the scenes: We're Ruth and Eamonn...get out of our ears!

I’m A Celebrity….Get Out Of My Ear! is back! Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes video as Ant and Dec make husband and wife duo, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford face their ultimate test - doing exactly as they're told!

Armed with earpieces the pair were given instructions via Ant and Dec and had to repeat exactly what they said.

See how the crew put together this outrageous stunt and catch a glimpse of what makes the boys do this:

You'd think butter wouldn't melt...