Get Out Of Me Ear

Behind the scenes with Richard Madeley

Ant and Dec got right in Richard Madeley's ear in the second episode of the new series, and now's your chance to go behind the scenes and witness everything you didn't see on TV with our exclusive backstage vid.

Watch above as we grant you an access all areas pass as we film yet another classic I'm A Celebrity... Get Out Of Me Ear!

You'll be truly, deeply, Madeley in love with Richard, as Ant says....

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Richard Madeley... Get Out Of Me Ear!

Richard Madeley might be used to having Judy Finnigan in his ear, but how will he handle our cheeky chaps Ant and Dec dictating his every action, as he briefs photographers on his supposed wish for a calendar shoot?!

Find out by watching the presenter's very own I'm A Celebrity... Get Out Of Me Ear!

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Preview: Ant and Dec get in Richard Madeley's ear

The puppet masters are back for the new series! Yes, Ant and Dec have plugged themselves into Richard Madeley's ear and are ready to create some very unusual (and potentially awkward) scenarios.

Will our veteran broadcaster and TV legend falter as he briefs some photographers about a calendar shoot? You'll have to tune in on Saturday at 7pm on ITV to find out, but in the meantime, here's a sneaky preview of the next Get Out Of Me Ear!

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  • 2015

Richard Madeley gets an ear full from Ant and Dec

Poor Richard has to try and keep a straight face with these two in his ear...

Can't imagine what Ant and Dec getting all in Richard Madeley's ear looks like? Well, here, just for you, is the pictorial evidence! Our Geordie duo recruited the chat host for the latest instalment of I’m A Celebrity… Get Out Of Me Ear and, naturally, the consequences were quite hilarious.

Armed with an earpiece, Richard was given instructions by Ant and Dec and had to repeat exactly what they said as he met with a series of photographers to discuss ideas for a 'potential calendar'. At one point he’s forced to make a note to himself to pitch an idea for a new TV show called ‘Madeley in Chelsea’. Can you imagine the look on the photographer's face? Still, after Richard's performance in this, we'd watch it, for sure.

But the real side-splitting moment is when Ant and Dec make Richard head to the piano. Unfortunately Mr Judy Finnigan mishears Ant’s instructions to make up a song called ‘Crazy Rain’ and instead titles it ‘Clothes You're In.'

Record industry execs, take note. Here are the lyrics...

Clothes you’re in, make you feel damn cool
Clothes you’re in, are things you fool
I love the way you laugh at me, the way you comb my hair
The clothes I’m in are the things I’ll always want to wear

Amazing, right?

"I love the way you laugh at me, the way you comb my hair..."

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How we got in to Peter Andre's ear

Over the years Ant and Dec have been putting Peter Andre through hell, what with Bushtucker Trials in the jungle and their Undercover stunt back in the 90s… yet Pete is back once again, being put through his paces in another epic Get Out Of Me Ear stunt!

We go behind the scenes on the shoot to find out how Pete really feels being at the mercy of the Geordie duo.

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  • 2014
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Peter Andre... Get Out Of Me Ear!

Remember when Peter Andre was on the lookout for a house sitter - but Ant and Dec had a few surprises in store for both the singer and the interviewees?

The candidates were given some very strict house rules (no booze, and celebs are the only guests allowed), but what did they make of Pete’s fetish for Scottish men and his ‘inspiration cupboard’? Here's a reminder!

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