I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear: Louis Walsh

Get ready for your sides to split all over again, with this highlights clip of Louis Walsh's I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear!

Re-live the hilarious antics as Ant and Dec take control of King Louis as he shows a variety of unsuspecting painters and decorators around his house.

And the banana phone action didn't stop there - even Dannii Minogue got involved with this tweet:

The greatest supergroup EVER... in pictures!

This week we got a serious dose of epic-ness in our End of the Show Show, when Ant and Dec’s new mega band joined McBusted and Status Quo on stage for a rocking sing-off. Take a look at our pictures to see how this monumental union went down...

Hey guys can we join McBusted? No? Okay, we’ll start our own band!

Anything you can do McBusted, we can do better…

So McDonnelly was born! We’ve got the BIG hair, the guitars…

… And Keith Lemon in the best rock ‘n’ roll outfit EVER…

Oh, and Status Quo rocking all over the stage

YES! Could the McDonnelly-McBusted-Status Quo supergroup be the biggest band the world has ever seen?

Takeaway Leftovers Pt. three

Aye carumba what a mad show! From detecting a criminal mastermind amongst our audience, to watching Ant and Dec manoeuvre their way through lasers, to an End of the Show Show finale featuring McBusted, Keith Lemon, Ashley Roberts, Bradley Walsh, David Dickinson and Status Quo (oh yes), here’s a look at our absolute favourite bits from episode three.

Ant and Dec try to impress McBusted with their air guitar prowess, but they’re not having any of it… and so McDonnelly is born!

McBusted V McDonnelly

Another week, another EPIC End of the Show Show with possibly some of the best supergroups the world has ever seen...

McDonnelly! McBusted! Status Quo! It's a ROCK OFF!

McBusted give it their all in the rock off...

... But we reckon this McDonnelly-McBusted-Status-Quo supergroup is the best band, like, ever

Undercover: Gordon Ramsay

Ant and Dec have been cooking up a storm of trouble over in Hollywood as they set their sights on pranking the scariest chef on television: Gordon Ramsay.

It's their most ambitious Undercover yet, so kick back, have a burrito and enjoy the Juan and Juan lock in with the furious chef.

How We Got Gordon - watch our secret behind the scenes video

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Little Ant and Dec meet the man that sells fridges...

"Why does your shop only sell old stuff?" is just one of the questions Jeremy Piven was faced with when the Littles ran riot on the set of Mr Selfridge.

Find out what happened in their shopping trip back in time as the little sailors conduct another belter of an interview with Katherine Kelly and the boss, Mr Selfridge.

Take a look at the photos of the Littles and Mr Selfridge

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Little Ant and Dec go training with Gerard Butler