Little Ant and Dec

When Little Ant & Dec took over the cruise!

Ahoy there Little Ant & Dec!

With the Littles arriving a little earlier than their bigger counterparts, they felt it was of great importance that they had a good look around P&O Cruises Britannia to make sure everything was shipshape before the finale. Here's a look at what those cheeky scamps got up to when they met the Captain...

From Little Ant & Dec, with love...

"No need to panic Ant & Dec, it's ALL under control"

  • 2016
  • Little Ant and Dec

Little Ant & Dec meet Andy Murray

The World No 2 meets our Geordie number ones (well, after Ant & Dec of course...) in a tennis lesson to remember!

Ant & Dec are *ahem* too busy to make their appointment, so have sent along pint-sized heroes Little Ant & Dec instead to perfect their serve, nail their tennis grunt and ask Andy those all important questions - "Why are you so sad all the time?"

Hit play and watch the mischief makers in action!

See what happened when Little Ant & Dec met Jennifer Lawrence!

  • 2016
  • Little Ant and Dec
Catch up on your favourite shows

Quiz: Time for a Little test?

Sound the trumpets! Little Ant & Dec are BACK on your telly screens this weekend! And in honour of the pint-sized mischief-makers, we've rounded up some of their cheekiest questions from the Takeaway archives to put your memory to the test.

Do you have the ultimate Little knowledge, or do you have, well, very little knowledge? Take the quiz and see if you can get 100 per cent...

  • Little Ant and Dec
  • 2016

When 1D got the Little Ant and Dec treatment...

We're taking a trip down memory lane and reliving some Saturday Night Takeaway goodness! And with the BRITS under a week away, we thought we'd look back at the moment everyone's favourite pint-sized presenters, Little Ant and Dec, showed the fresh-faced 1D lads some Geordie charm. They certainly made an impression...

Well hello there One Direction, biggest boy band in the world...

... If you think we're shaking your hands you've got another thing coming

  • Little Ant and Dec
  • 2016

Little Ant and Dec's top moments of the series

They might be little but we've got BIG love for them. We are, of course, talking about the pint-sized versions of Ant and Dec.

Whether they've been off interviewing international superstars or causing mayhem in the studio, they always do it with perfect charm, making us go 'awwwwwwwww'.

Here are just a few of our fave lil moments from the series...

1. Who could forget Big Star's Little Star sausage-gate? Brilliant.

2. Supercomputer takeover! In the first show of the series, the boys emerged from the inner workings of our mechanical master.

3. Oh hello there! The boys got a bit posh with the Earl of Grantham (aka Hugh Bonnerville) but only after they kicked a football through one of Downton Abbey's window. Oops.

  • Little Ant and Dec
  • 2015