The Littles hit the red carpet

Little Ant and Dec were terrorising the red carpet at this year's Brit Awards, grabbing some of the biggest stars to treat them to their, er, unique interviewing style.

From busting out some moves with Kylie and Dannii Minogue to crooning a tune with Keith Lemon and wowing Pharrell with their cuteness, here's the two terrors doing what they do best!

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1D get the Little Ant and Dec treatment

Wednesday night was a big night for UK music AND for everyone's favourite pint-sized presenters, Little Ant and Dec, as they hit the BRITS! But as they ran riot on the red carpet, who was their favourite celebrity spot?

ONE DIRECTION of course, and the moment went a little something like this...

Well hello there One Direction, biggest boy band in the world...

... If you think we're shaking your hands you've got another thing coming

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The Littles grill the PM for Text Santa

This Christmas, in a world exclusive for ITV’s Text Santa, Prime Minister David Cameron faces a TV inquisition like never before. He’s faced Jeremy Paxman, Tom Bradby and John Humphrys. But now the PM comes up against his toughest test yet – a grilling from Little Ant & Dec!

What were the questions and just what where the PM’s answers? All is revealed on Text Santa at 8pm on Friday 20 December 2013.

Find out more about Text Santa

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Not so Little Ant and Dec

Back in 2003 Ant and Dec unleashed Little Ant and Dec, two cheeky eight year olds on the worlds biggest stars.

Unafraid to say exactly what was on their minds, Little Ant and Dec got to run around Number 10 Downing Street, had a knicker fight with Kylie Minogue and challenged Victoria Beckham to a penalty shoot out.

Last seen on screen in 2006, James Pallister (Little Ant) and Dylan McKenna-Redshaw (Little Dec) are back but as viewers saw on the first show of the brand new series, they are now 18 years old, and not so little...

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Little Ant and Dec meet Gerard Butler

Movie star Gerard Butler has led armies into battle, fought terrifying monsters and even ridden dragons, but nothing could prepare him for our little tearaways.

Little Ant and Dec ask Gerard to give them tough guy lessons at their local gym, but will they be able to work out and ask their probing questions at the same time?

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