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Boris is having a ‘mayor’ with the Littles

Our tiny tearaways visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ahead of its reopening to interview a very important man: Mayor of London Boris Johnson!

“If you’re the Mayor where’s your hat and gold chain?” and ‘Where’s our free bike?” are just some of the important questions the boys want answers to.

But they’re not just there to question Boris, they also want to give him a lesson in talking Geordie and quiz him on his cockney rhyming slang. Raspberry tart anyone?

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  • 2014

Preview: The Littles take on the Mayor of London

Uh oh! What are those faces for?!

We sent Little Ant and Dec to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to meet the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

As ever the cheeky Littles gave their all in another informative interview, getting to the bottom of some of the nation's burning questions, such as: “If you are the Mayor, where is your big hat and gold chain?"

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  • 2014

The Littles throw a superheroes party!

Fancy another lil dose of superheroes? Here's a look back at when our favourite scamps went all out in their Captain Geordie costumes to make their Hollywood guests feel at home.

As Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson used their super powers (taking out little punks and making little boys go red!), the Littles bombarded the stars with some very cheeky questions...

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  • 2014

Little Ant and Dec meet the man that sells fridges...

"Why does your shop only sell old stuff?" is just one of the questions Jeremy Piven was faced with when the Littles ran riot on the set of Mr Selfridge.

Find out what happened in their shopping trip back in time as the little sailors conduct another belter of an interview with Katherine Kelly and the boss, Mr Selfridge.

Take a look at the photos of the Littles and Mr Selfridge

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Little Ant and Dec go training with Gerard Butler

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  • 2014

Little Ant and Dec step back in time

This week The Littles have been causing mischief in the cutest sailor suits we've ever seen as they had a nosy around the set of ITV's Mr Selfridge.

Can't wait? Here are a few cheeky behind the scenes snaps of our two rascals going back in time...

The pair meet cast Jeremy Piven (Mr Selfridge) and Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae)

The cheeky duo are summoned to the boss' office...

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  • 2014

The Littles hit the red carpet

Little Ant and Dec were terrorising the red carpet at this year's Brit Awards, grabbing some of the biggest stars to treat them to their, er, unique interviewing style.

From busting out some moves with Kylie and Dannii Minogue to crooning a tune with Keith Lemon and wowing Pharrell with their cuteness, here's the two terrors doing what they do best!

See the moment the Littles gave Harry Styles a makeover

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  • 2014

1D get the Little Ant and Dec treatment

Wednesday night was a big night for UK music AND for everyone's favourite pint-sized presenters, Little Ant and Dec, as they hit the BRITS! But as they ran riot on the red carpet, who was their favourite celebrity spot?

ONE DIRECTION of course, and the moment went a little something like this...

Well hello there One Direction, biggest boy band in the world...

... If you think we're shaking your hands you've got another thing coming

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  • 2014