Behind the scenes with Olly Murs

Ant and Dec pranked Olly Murs in the first episode of our brand new series, but now's your chance to go behind the scenes with our exclusive UNSEEN ON TV video!

Watch above as we show you exactly how Ant and Dec fooled the lovely Olly, and whether there was trouble away from the TV cameras when our Troublemakers revealed themselves!

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Undercover: Olly Murs

Olly Murs arrived at Madame Tussauds expecting a standard measuring-up session, in preparation for the sculpting of his brand new waxwork. Turns out that Ant and Dec had other ideas...

Watch above as Olly is fooled into thinking he's testing out a brand new, state of the art measuring system, when in actual fact he's at the total mercy of our very own pranksters Ant and Dec.

Bring on the leotard and cue the lunge!

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Undercover: Gordon Ramsay

A year later and the look on Gordon Ramsay's face still strikes fear... Take a second look at Ant and Dec's ambitious Hollywood Undercover, where the chef got pranked good and proper by 'Juan and Juan'.

And remember, never leave your own burrito on Gordon's phone.

How We Got Gordon - watch our secret behind the scenes video

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Undercover: One Direction

Vintage One Direction alert! They may be the biggest boyband on the entire planet, but not even the 1D crew were safe from the Undercover wiles of Ant and Dec back in 2013.

How will Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam cope with our boy's hysterical wind up as Ant and Dec go undercover to give One Direction a chance encounter that they'll never forget!? Have a watch for a blast from the past!

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We got Holly in an Undercover Surprise

Here's a classic Saturday Night Takeaway moment from the archives for you!

Despite being friends for years, Holly Willoughby was completely oblivious to her mates Ant and Dec donning their disguises, and giving her the prank of her life.

Watch as Holly films Surprise Surprise with a few extra Surprise Surprises thrown in for good measure!

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Ant and Dec Surprise Surprise Holly

After last weeks bobby dazzler of an Undercover with David Dickinson, the boys are at it again with their next victim Holly Willoughby; as the tables are turned on the set of Surprise Surprise!

Have a sneak peak at our Undercover photos as Holly films the latest instalment of the show, reuniting charity worker Annabel with her boyfriend Richard.

Holly is joined by Annabel and her boss Jean Luc (Dec) plus some fellow colleagues

Holly reveals the surprise, a live performance from Annabel's favourite band Blue, joined by her boyfriend Richard (Ant)

Teaser: We got Willoughby

Holly Willoughby thinks she's reuniting charity worker Annabel with her boyfriend Richard during the latest recording of Surprise, Surprise. But of course things aren't going to go according to plan when Ant and Dec are involved...

Watch this preview clip of Ant and Dec's latest Undercover prank ahead of this Saturday's show - and tune in from 7pm, 15 March to see the gag in all its glory!

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