FIRST LOOK: Jeremy Kyle's Get Out Of Me Ear!

It's handbags at dawn in this week's I'm a Celebrity... Get Out Of Me Ear, as Ant and Dec stage their most dramatic stunt yet!

Talk show host Jeremy Kyle is up for the challenge and goes along with Ant and Dec's instructions to perfection, staging interviews with potential security guards to discuss the role of being his new personal minder. Unbeknown to the punters, Ant & Dec were calling the shots - with hilarious results!

Watch above to see what happens when a lady (played by an actress) unleashes her fury on Jezza in front of an unsuspecting security guard!

Later on, things get even more mischievous as the boys get Jeremy to ask one of the security guards for a DNA swab and insist on a piggy back from another!

Watch the 'piggy back moment' below!

End Of The Show Show: Simon Callow and the tongue twister

If you thought just saying 'Saturday Night Takeaway's End Of The Show Show' was enough of a tongue-twister, check this out!

Ant and Dec join Shakespearean actor Simon Callow, who transports our Geordie duo back in time to the Elizabethan era in an attempt to crack our tongue-twisting riddle. There's no sign of a pickled pepper, but one of our guys is in a frock and the other is a... butcher, obviously.

Hmmm, let's see if 'tongue' is on the menu...

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Richard Madeley... Get Out Of Me Ear!

Richard Madeley might be used to having Judy Finnigan in his ear, but how will he handle our cheeky chaps Ant and Dec dictating his every action, as he briefs photographers on his supposed wish for a calendar shoot?!

Find out by watching the presenter's very own I'm A Celebrity... Get Out Of Me Ear!

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Watch the End Of The Show Show with Ed Sheeran and the Royal Marines

Madonna's cape scrape exposed

The second show of the new series of Saturday Night Takeaway hadn't even started and Ant and Dec were already worrying about their guests. But why were our seasoned pros fretting so? Well, to find out, we'll have to go back to the night of the Brit Awards...

Grab your detachable cape and whizz back to last Wednesday with us. Was it really Ant and Dec's fault? We're horrified, naturally. Naughty boys.

See BRIT Award winner Ed Sheeran perform with Ant and Dec

Preview: Ant and Dec get in Richard Madeley's ear

The puppet masters are back for the new series! Yes, Ant and Dec have plugged themselves into Richard Madeley's ear and are ready to create some very unusual (and potentially awkward) scenarios.

Will our veteran broadcaster and TV legend falter as he briefs some photographers about a calendar shoot? You'll have to tune in on Saturday at 7pm on ITV to find out, but in the meantime, here's a sneaky preview of the next Get Out Of Me Ear!

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First look: Coming up on Saturday Night Takeaway

Why Aye Man! Look who's joining Ant and Dec later in the series for an epic Get Out Of Me Ear - Cheryl Fernandez-Versini!

Other hilarious stunts coming up in the series include a very public Undercover with Stephen Mulhern (red faces all round), and the legendary Richard Madeley showing us why he's such a ledge. Enjoy this sneaky preview...