It's our brand new TV ad!

You've seen the first look pictures, but now you can watch all the action-packed drama in full as Ant and Dec go up against Winter Blues in our brand new TV advert.

Can the boys triumph over Winter Blues and secure their return to our TV screens on Saturday nights? Brace yourselves for a true comic book style battle... KAPOW! BOOM! BAM!

We'll be back very soon, don't you worry. In the meantime though, remind yourselves of all this good stuff - our best bits from last series.

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‘Mysterious Boys’ In Your Ear

Peter Andre is on the lookout for a house sitter - but Ant and Dec have a few surprises in store for both Peter and the interviewees…

The candidates are given some very strict house rules (no booze, and celebs are the only guests allowed), but what will they make of Pete’s fetish for Scottish men and his ‘inspiration cupboard’ in the latest installment of I'm A Celebrity Get Out Of Me Ear?

So, in the words of Peter Andre "Cheers to me! And cheers to us!"

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Boris is having a ‘mayor’ with the Littles

This week our tiny tearaways visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ahead of its reopening to interview a very important man: Mayor of London Boris Johnson!

“If you’re the Mayor where’s your hat and gold chain?” and ‘Where’s our free bike?” are just some of the important questions the boys want answers to.

But they’re not just there to question Boris, they also want to give him a lesson in talking Geordie and quiz him on his cockney rhyming slang. Raspberry tart anyone?

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