Wolverhampton, are you In For A Penny?

Pay a penny and you could win a grand!

Stephen took to the streets of Wolverhampton to challenge the public. Will anyone take home the big prize?


Get Out Of Me Rear!

This week, we're testing Scarlett's ball-throwing skills. No, seriously.

With Scarlett in the front seat of our Suzuki Ignis, and our showbiz bucket just next to the boot, can Scarlett perfect her aim and get three of ten showbiz balls into the showbiz bucket? We're calling this challenge (you're gonna like this...) Get Out Of Me Rear!

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End of the Show Show: Ant & Dec The Musical

The world premier of Ant and Dec: The Musical! 28 years of friendship compacted into one all-singing, all-dancing End of the Show Show. Complete with cameos from Stephen Mulhern, Scarlett Moffatt , Sean Power, Kevin Whately AND Peter Andre.


Poppiest Minutes Of The Week!

It's the Poppiest Minutes of the Week in our newest instalment of Scarlett's Saturday Night Takeaway Suzuki Challenge!

She's got pointy nails and some ear-plugs, but will Scarlett be able to pop every balloon in this Suzuki Ignis before 3 minutes are up? Pop on the video to find out. Geddit? Pop on? Pop? Oh, never mind.

Stephen's In For A Penny!

Introducing our brand new game... All you need is a penny and you could walk away with a grand!

Stephen took to the streets of Chelmsford to see if the general public were up for the challenge. Did anyone bag the grand? More importantly, did anyone hurt his ego?

Yes, this video does contain some people being unable to name one Stephen Mulhern presented TV show...

End of the Show Show with Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs took to the stage for the End Of The Show Show and Ant and Dec thought they could run the WHOLE thing...

It was never going to end well, was it? I think we could have all predicted the riot...

The Missing Crown Jewels: Episode 3

Ant and Dec have managed to track down Maskface and those all important Crown Jewels - phew!

But with no help from MOOBS (yep, we said MOOBS) they get hit with a very big decision to make...


Suzuki Undercover

Ready for another instalment of our ever so snappily titled Scarlett's Saturday Night Takeaway Suzuki Challenge?

This week, Suzuki have given Scarlett 5000 post it notes and a Suzuki Ignis to cover entirely.

Now where's our to do list? We're sure we wrote it down on a post it note somewhere around here... Oh wait, looks like we'll never find it again... Prepare for post its. Everywhere.