The Decider: In pictures!

The final chapter of Ant V Dec is upon us, where our gallant presenters are battling to take the trophy in an epic finale. There's abseiling, there's pint-pulling and there's a lot of running: here's a look at (drum roll...) THE DECIDER in pictures.

Whatever you do, just don't look down...

Which of our challengers can defeat THE CUBE?

And whose pint will impress the Rovers landladies the most?

Ant vs Dec: The Decider

During this series, Ant and Dec have zipwired 650feet from the top of the ITV Tower, had electric shocks in a room full of lasers and, worst of all, we've all had to watch a PJ and Duncan video!

The final Ant V Dec challenge saw the boys abseil down the ITV Tower lift shafts with a series of tasks along the way; including The Cube challenge and the Corrie Pint Pulling challenge!