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ITV | Sat 23 Dec 7:30 - 8pm

Life Begins At 60

Lovely Lynne had 60 tasks to complete in her 60th year.

To celebrate her 60th birthday, we thought it was only fair that we stepped in to help her tick some of those things off.

Win The Ads Competition

Unfortunately due to a technical issue, ​some people may not have been able to take part in tonight's Win the Ads competition​. ​We're very sorry for any inconvenience.

Louisa Johnson's Singalong Live

Get ready to have a major ear worm! We only had a few more places on the plane to Disney, so what better way to give them away than a Disney Singalong Live! Louisa Johnson sang Let It Go and it gave us chills...

Dermot's weekly shop

Dermot's down the local Tesco for a spot of shopping and it just so happens that Ant and Dec are about (well, in his ear) to help.

But wait, what is he doing with those bananas? And why's he talking into a cucumber?

Step inside our Ticket Booth...

Brace yourselves. The Photobooth is back - but with a TWIST!

We've given the booth a movie makeover this series and it's well and truly full of surprises.

Who doesn't love watching some of our viewers getting the shock of their lives by Ant and Dec on national TV? Say cheese, everyone...


How's ya memory, Scarlett?

This week Suzuki are putting Scarlett’s memory to the test! Our gorge Suzuki Ignis is filled with all kinds of Saturday Night Takeaway items. But after she's had a quick look round, can Scarlett memorise and recall all 10 items in just 60 seconds?

Does she have the memory of a gold fish? Or the memory of an elephant? Elephants never forget... right?

Anyway - watch and find out!

Take That ft. Ant & Dec

Take That Shine as a five-piece once again for a special End Of The Show Show we'll Never Forget! It really could be the Greatest Day of our lives... OK, we'll stop now...