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Mrs Brown plays Read My Lips!

How often do you get to see Ireland-themed words being shouted at Mrs Brown? Our thoughts exactly.

We challenged her to a game of Read My Lips. The rules are simple. She has 30 seconds to guess what on earth people are shouting at her, all whilst wearing some very very sparkly noise-cancelling headphones. She has to, you guessed it, read their lips!

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Best Seats In The Car

We've teamed up with Suzuki to put Scarlett Moffatt through her paces and see if she's got what it takes to join the Takeaway family!

This week's challenge is called Best Seats In The Car, but just how agile is our Scarlett? That's what she's being tested on and it's fair to say this one requires determination, willpower and lots of energy...

Go, Scarlett. Then have a lie down. We're exhausted just watching.