Get Out Of Me Ear… The very best bits

Is there anything funnier than Ant and Dec getting in a celebrity's ear? We think not. The big live stunt will be the cherry on the cake later tonight - amazing stuff. If we've got you hooked on Get Out Of Me Ear though and you now don't know what to do with the series concluding, check out these highlights...

1. When Louis Walsh invited some painter/decorators over...

2. When Richard Madeley briefed some photographers on a calendar shoot. Two words: Full. Frontal.

Singalong Live with Lou Bega

One, two, three, four, _ _ _ _. Oh c'mon, that would be far too easy! Having said that, we think you'll do pretty well with this week's catchy Singalong Live - it's Lou Bega's Mambo No. 5!

We challenge you NOT to singalong to it. Impossible, right? All together now...

What's this dusty old prop?!

Our gracious hosts Ant and Dec are showing their guest Olivia Colman around the Saturday Night Takeaway prop room. Madeley's slippers, Dec's crisp box... It's a right old trip down memory lane, but hang on...

What's that dusty old thing in the corner?

Oh, awkward!


Get social - it's almost time for the final!

It's nearly time for the final show and after several weeks of dancing, laughing, gasping and singing together, we almost feel like we know you all!

In the words of Richard Madeley, this is mostly thanks to the WORLD WIDE WEB, so stay on it now let us know what you're most excited about for the finale using the hashtag #SaturdayNightTakeaway - we'll be tweeting @itvtakeaway as per usual so be sure to give us a follow if you're not already (better late than never).

You guys have been pretty busy tweeting #SaturdayNightTakeaway in recent times.... Thank you!