Gallery: Top 10 Zlatan Ibrahimovic action photos

Zlatan takes to the air on Sweden duty against England at Euro 2012. Photo: PA

As Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Zlatan's No.1 fan – celebrates his 31st birthday today, we celebrate the moody, mercurial striker with this gallery of action pics. Football would be a far less interesting place without the big Swede.

Ain't that a punch in the head: taking one for Juve against Timisoara in 2005. Credit: PA
A cheeky back-flick, for Inter against Bologna in 2009. Credit: PA
Rather happy after scoring for Sweden against Italy at Euro 2004 – and being chased by Shane Warne, apparently. Credit: PA
Ouch. Taking one in the face, again, for Sweden against Germany at the 2006 World Cup. Credit: PA
Going down like a sack of spuds, for Barcelona in 2009. Credit: PA
… and another one for the cameras. Credit: PA
Stretching his legs for AC Milan against Spurs in 2011. Credit: PA
It's behind you! Acrobatic scenes in a Barca shirt in 2010. Credit: PA
Scoring one of the goals of Euro 2012, against France. Credit: PA