Keane brands Joe Hart 'cocky'

ITV pundit Roy Keane says that although Joe Hart's quality is undoubted, the England goalkeeper can at times be cocky - and his performances suffer as a result.

Speaking in reaction to ITV's exclusive chat with the Manchester City and England number one, Keane said Hart's overconfidence can lead to lapses in concentration.

"There's a fine line between confident and cocky, and I think he's been a little bit too cocky this year," Keane said.

"He just relaxes a little bit and takes his eye off the ball...and he needs a bit more competition around him."

The former Manchester United player believes that on a few occasions this year Hart could have shown a bit more focus, a trait he shares with former team-mate Peter Schmeichel.

"When Peter became cocky he made mistakes," Keane said. "There were times when he got a bit carried away and thought he was the bees knees."