Devonshire 'gutted' after match called off

Braintree Town boss Alan Devonshire said he was "totally gutted" after his side's FA Cup First Round tie against Tranmere Rovers was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

Speaking of referee Dean Whitestone's decision to postpone the match Devonshire said: "I think he should have waited half an hour, 45 minutes to see if it brightened up, see if we could get more water off the pitch."

"What can we do? You can't change the weather or the referee's decision."And former West Ham midfielder Devonshire said he had played in much worse conditions than those at Braintree's Cressing Road stadium.

"I've played at West Ham where you couldn't see ten yards in front of you because of the snow," he told ITV's Gabriel Clarke. "Nowadays there's a bit of water on the pitch and they want to call it off."