Cahill angered by Emerson antics

Gary Cahill was sent off for his part in the spat. Photo: PA

A furious Gary Cahill accused Corinthians striker Emerson of smashing him in the face but he admitted he deserved to be sent off for his reaction in their Club World Cup final defeat.

Cahill was still seething after the final whistle at the antics of Emerson, who spent much of the game in Yokohama rolling around on the floor trying to win the referee's sympathy.

And it worked in the 89th minute when Cahill tangled with the forward and was shown a straight red card for lashing out at his opponent.

However, the Chelsea defender was adamant he had been provoked.

Cahill said: "He lashed out with his arm and hit me in the face.

"Someone's smashed me in the face but I didn't roll around on the floor for five minutes holding my head.

"I got up, reacted and tapped him in the shin. He felt the need to go down, roll around on the floor for about five times holding his face.

"It probably is a red card but the reaction of the guy is totally out of order for what I did if you see the impact.

"It wouldn't have been enough to knock over my one-year-old daughter."

FIFA confirmed tonight Cahill would definitely serve a one-match ban, missing Wednesday's Capital One Cup quarter-final at Leeds.

It is possible that he could incur an additional suspension.