In pictures: The Africa Cup of Nations super-fans

The sixteen teams at this year's Africa Cup of Nations have been backed by an army of supporters who put us denim-clad, flat-cap-wearing Europeans to shame...

This Ghana fan even thought to sew himself a breast pocket. Credit: PA
It's fine to go topless when you have a vuvuzela. Credit: PA
Ethiopia's biggest fan. Credit: PA
DR Congo's flag is great for the face-painting industry. Credit: PA
It's not a balalaika or a mandolin, but a Moroccan oud. Credit: PA
South African fans have gone for a job-lot of morph suits. Credit: PA
They're not short of bodypaint in the Ivory Coast. Credit: PA
This Burkinabe fan's headgear is a sight to behold - unless you're sitting behind him at a game. Credit: PA
DR Congo's most photographed supporter. Credit: PA
Angola fans have been out in force, despite their team's travails at this year's tournament. Credit: PA
Headphones - check. Wig - check. Niger-themed facepaint - check. Credit: PA
Go on then. Credit: PA
Algeria fans drumming up some support. Credit: PA