Arsene Wenger: You could see something had gone when Bayern scored their third

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admitted that Bayern Munich's third goal in their defeat at the Emirates took the wind out of his side's sails.

Trailing 2-0 at the break, Wenger's side found a foothold in the Champions League Round of 16 first leg with a goal through Lukas Podolski.

But according to the Arsenal manager Mario Mandzukic's 77th-minute goal killed off their chances of getting anything from the game.

"In the second half when it was 2-1 I thought we would come back to 2-2," Wenger told ITV's Gabriel Clarke. "But when we conceded the third goal you could see something had gone in our team. "Mentally the team was down because we'd battled so hard."And Wenger admitted that his team lacked the confidence to go toe-to-toe with the German giants."Nerves played a big part," Wenger admitted. "The confidence isn't there to play with our technical talent."