Laid-back Michael Carrick deserves more credit – Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand (left) with often-unsung Man Utd team-mate Michael Carrick. Photo: PA

Rio Ferdinand wishes Manchester United team-mate Michael Carrick did not have to work quite so hard to win praise.

Whilst Wayne Rooney's omission from the starting line-up for the defeat by Real Madrid last week occupied so many headlines, and the potential for Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Old Trafford took some more, Carrick remained in the shadows.

It is just the way the midfielder likes it. However, there are times, such as that sublime pass for Javier Hernandez's opener against Chelsea on Sunday, when Ferdinand believes some recognition is due.

"You wish players like that didn't have to go through their careers searching for accolades," the defender said.

"You would like to think people would just give them out. That hasn't been the case with Michael, which is unfortunate.

"No-one else could play a pass like he did for Javier's goal. It has to be the ball of the season. But I am sure no-one will talk about it.

"It will be swept under the carpet and all the talk will be about other players who maybe do a little bit more explosive things than Michael does.

"He is laid-back and plays at his own pace, so he always goes unnoticed. But he is valued highly by each member of our squad, don't worry about that."

A laid-back character by nature, Carrick has never given the impression of being fussed about attention - much like Paul Scholes.