Gallery: 10 magnifique Eric Cantona photos

Cantona on a motorbike in head-to-toe denim, in 1987. Magnifique indeed. Photo: PA

Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona turns 47 today. In tribute to the French legend, we present a gallery of King Eric just being himself, which is to say considerably cooler than any of us mere mortals.

Ignoring a couple of angry dogs in style. Credit: PA
Hanging out with Hollywood bad boy Mickey Rourke in 1995. All-denim? Check. Credit: PA
Cantona in a one-piece snowsuit, on a snowmobile. Seriously cool. Credit: PA
Scoring a picture-perfect goal for Man Utd in 1995. Credit: PA
Swigging water in an impossibly arrogant fashion. Credit: PA
Pouting, hands-on-hips, collar up. You can't touch this. Credit: PA
Stalked by Mick Hucknall. Credit: PA
Hold me tight… signing for Man Utd in 1992. Did you ever see Fergie this happy? Credit: PA
Even in painting form, Cantona overshadowed his Man Utd team-mates, including a callow David Beckham. Credit: PA