Bayern Munich Paul Breitner slams the Premier League

ITV's Ned Boulting spoke to World Cup winner Paul Breitner, who told him that the Premier League was in a state of regression.

The former Germany international explained that a lot of people in England had rested on their laurels after their most recent European successes.

"Some people thought we are the best and we will dominate the Champions League for the next decade," Breitner explained.

"When I saw five or six years ago a team from the big four or five it was great, it was interesting, now it's boring, it's football from yesterday. The problem is that you have bought players of the class that are '1B' not '1A'; there is no Ribery, there is no Ronaldo, no Messi."

Asked if he took any pleasure from the demise of the Premier League, Breitner seemed more disappointed than anything.

"I don't feel schadenfreude, I am shocked. As I said, the Premier League was great for many years, but now it has turned bad."