Erik Lamela is the man to replace Real Madrid bound Gareth Bale at Spurs

Erik Lamela got on well with Francesco Totti. Photo: PA

Given events over the last week with Gareth Bale's departure from the club moving ever closer and the deal for Willian getting hijacked by rivals Chelsea, it seems to have been forgotten just how good Spurs' summer has been. With their next move, however, it has the potential to be great.

The standout signings of Paulinho, Etienne Capoue and Roberto Soldado, plus the arrival of promising youngsters Nacer Chadli and Vladmir Chirches have bolstered the squad massively - irrelevant of Bale's departure - and suggest Spurs will be pushing for Champions League football more than ever. With the pursuit of Roma forward Erik Lamela, however, Spurs are hinting their aspirations are even more serious.

Lamela represents a player for the present, but also the future. With Francesco Baldini's guidance in the Director Of Football role it's no surprise this is the current status of Spurs' moves in the market, and the capture of the young Argentinian would be a major statement. Many gifted technical players pass through the ranks of River Plate and Boca Juniors with monickers as the next best thing, but if his past season at Roma is anything to go by, Lamela could be one to genuinely match the hype.

In Argentina with his beloved River, Lamela was, towards the end of his spell there, handed creative duties and asked to influence the team, a considerable difference from the freedom of an earlier wide role. By no means did he fail in terms of offering creativity, but it clearly wasn't his most suited position. Since the move to Roma however, Lamela has found the perfect balance assuming his wide role but with hints of that past influential spark. Coming in at 6ft, Lamela's in excellent physical condition and uses it to his advantage against opponents, offering the ability to unhinge defences with flair, but also ferocious power.

Loves a dribble does Erik Lamela. Credit:

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Watching Lamela develop this past year at Roma has been extraordinary, as week by week his confidence grew, and with it the threat to the rest of Serie A. Often deployed in a wide right role, the young Argentinian would offer the ability to drift in subty or drive at a defence with pace. The Roma faithful assumed Lamela to be the next leader of definition point of the team, fitting ideally in the icon role of Francesco Totti. With 15 goals he found that end product and showed his status as the new golden boy was one that befit rather than burden.

Lamela's the sort of player to relish the challenge and spotlight that would come with being the replacement for Bale as Spurs' star. Given the versatility of Lamela's game too, it's not ludicrous to suggest the Argentinean could develop into the superior player. He has no celling to his potential, and with the right guidance can become world class. Bale's game, while at an impressive level and developing all the time, has limitations in terms of range. Lamela can one day be the complete package.

As for the present he'd offer Andre Villa-Boas an option in terms of a wide player, and even in striking positions. Lamela can be positioned just off Soldado, for instance, removing the isolation that the Spaniard can often find himself in as a lone striker. The wide role remains the likely role for Lamela, however, and one where the player can display the vast array of his talents in with instant impact. Adaptation is always a key aspect, but with Spurs' style more and more leaning towards a continental one it poses fewer problems than initially assumed.

Lamela represents the perfect fit for Spurs, and that the club is ahead of others when thinking of their future.