Video exclusive: Jermain Defoe frustrated at lack of playing time for Spurs in the Premier League this season

No one loves scoring goals more than Jermain Defoe. In an exclusive interview with ITV's Ned Boulting, the Spurs striker admitted that he has found this season "frustrating" at times. Defoe has thrived in the Europa League as a regular starter, but in the Premier League he has thus far had to play second fiddle to Spanish team-mate Roberto Soldado.

"I love my football and I suppose if you're not getting an opportunity to score goals, obviously you're not going to be happy. At the same time, it is a good time to be at the club now," Defoe said.

"Football's a funny game, a lot of ups and downs… I think it's important to keep cool and wait for an opportunity to show the manager that I should be playing.

"I've only started one [Premier] league game, so obviously as a player you're gonna think 'wow, what more do I need to do!' … I can't explain it… it's not my decision.

"We'll see what happens."