The Premier League is trailing behind La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A in homegrown stats

The Premier League has the lowest average number of club-trained players. Photo:

As the PFA prepares to send UEFA proposals calling for European teams to use at least three "homegrown" players in starting XIs, we take a look at stats which prove any such ruling would impact greatly on English clubs.

The PFA's decision comes amid fears that BT Sport's £897m deal to broadcast European football will increase pressure on managers to use quick-fix solutions rather than homegrown players.

Of the English clubs currently participating in European competitions, only Arsenal meet the three player criteria with an average of 3.9 club-trained players on the pitch so far this season.

The figures are also indicative of a wider problem for English football and the English national team, something FA chairman Greg Dyke has rightly chosen to focus on.

Impressive - Barcelona field an average of 7.2 club-trained players. Credit:

Thanks to data collected by Football Observatory we now have stats across Europe for the current season which highlight English football's homegrown dilemma.

The criteria for "club-trained players" include footballers who've played for at least three years between the ages of 15 and 21 for the club employing them during the current season.

On average for a Premier League club this season, only 0.83 of their 11 players have been club-trained. That's lower than La Liga (2.32), Ligue 1 (2.16), Bundesliga (1.94) and Serie A (0.88).

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