Photo gallery: Three years of Venky's at Blackburn Rovers - the highs and lows

It all looked so promising early on. Photo: PA

Venky's became Blackburn Rovers owners on this day back in 2010. Here we take a look at their highs (there aren't any) and their lows.

Sam Allardyce was surprisingly sacked early on. Credit: PA
Venky's poultry busy has made them an even easier target, with this chicken being let loose on the pitch. Credit: PA
Burnley fans have revelled in the owners. Credit: PA
Rovers were relegated at the end of the 2011/12 season. Credit: PA
Steve Kean stayed in his job for a surprisingly long time. Credit: PA
Venky's have become incredibly unpopular. Credit: PA
Portuguese striker Nuno Gomes was signed, but failed to deliver. Credit: PA
Henning Berg lasted less than two months. Credit: PA
Michael Appleton was quickly dismissed too. Credit: PA

And to make things even worse, some of the team were made to film this