Man United fans react to being 12 points behind Premier League leaders Arsenal

Man United players look distraught after losing to Everton. Photo: PA

David Moyes was supposed to prove why Man United appointed him as their chosen one against Everton last night.

The first meeting with former club since taking over was crucial not only to Man United's title hopes, but for Moyes on a personal note.

He'd failed to beat Man United at Old Trafford as Everton manager during what many regard as a wholly impressive 11 year spell, but was forced to watch replacement Roberto Martinez achieve victory on his first attempt.

It was all too much for some Man United fans to take, as #MoyesOut started trending on Twitter after Arsenal moved 12 points clear of them in the Premier League table. We're still in early December, of course.

Despite plenty of knee-jerk reactions, many fans asked for patience with Moyes as he struggles to find consistency in the Premier League at Old Trafford.


Man United fans, what's the answer to your problems after falling 12 points behind Arsenal last night? #mufc


@itvfootball replace moyes with a better manager or lose out on the top 4


@itvfootball send Moyes and Fellaini back to Everton & take Martinez in return


@itvfootball everyone needs to step up and play for the team rather than themselves


@itvfootball two new signings in january, A NEW DEFENDER, and a new centre mid, also i think cleverley and nani's time at united is over


@itvfootball cut the fat (young/clev/anderson etc) and actually try to buy a player who is A-class that other clubs would want. Like Reus.