Football fans argue over Luis Suarez penalty decision in Liverpool's 2-2 draw against Aston Villa

Suarez lifts himself back up after winning a penalty against Aston Villa. Photo: PA

The decision to award Liverpool striker Luis Suarez a penalty in the 2-2 draw against Aston Villa was Saturday's main talking point in the Premier League.

With pundits split over whether the Uruguayan was clipped or took a tumble in the penalty box, we asked football fans on Twitter for their verdict.

The responses were, as you can imagine, incredibly mixed.


@itvfootball A keeper coming out like that is going to make contact even if he pulls back his arms. what Suarez is supposed to do ?


@itvfootball Absolutely not, Suarez dived. Just don't understand what some of the pundits are saying.


@itvfootball yes but as his first touch led him away from goal he drew keeper in and played for it#lfc


@itvfootball clumsy challenge from keeper, didn't pull his arms back & contact was made! Wot was Suarez meant to do jump out of the way?


@itvfootball contact on the player in the box in an attacking position and not with the ball = penalty. No brainer! #LFC


@itvfootball he made the most of it, gotta blame goalie, he made it easy for him, 9 times out of 10 ref will give pen in those situations


@itvfootball if there was any contact it was made by Suarez into the keeper not the other way around. Professional dive.