What Twitter says: Five Manchester United players you'd ditch this summer

Tom Cleverley: sell sell sell. Photo: PA

In the aftermath of Man Utd's dreadful 2-0 defeat at Olympiacos, we asked you which five Man Utd players the club should keep this summer. We also asked, of course, which flops you would offload in the next transfer window. Here's what you had to say:


@itvfootball keep them all please. And Moyes. Oh and bring Ralph Milne and Djemba Djemba back too


@itvfootball YOUNG , not on the same level as the rest , RVP , on a downhill spiral and not a team player anymore. I really could go on..


@itvfootball defo get rid of - Carrick, Ferdinand, Fellani, Young & Cleverly!


Valencia, Young, Fellaini, Rio and Moyes "@itvfootball: … and five #MUFC players you'd definitely get rid of this summer?"


@itvfootball Valencia, Young, We need wingers that are willing to attack the defence and actually deliver in decent crosses! Also Fellaini